Old Photos

A Page From Lawrence Klein’s Photo Album

Scan_Pic1689A page from Lawrence Klein’s photo album, dated 1924.  Lawrence was a brother to my husband’s grandmother, Edith Margaret Klein, 1890-1972.  Therefore Lawrence is a great-uncle.  Edith and Lawrence were children of George Klein and Caroline Jungbluth, born on the prairie in Nebraska, in a sod house – much like Little House on the Prairie!  There were seven other children in the family, with Lawrence being the youngest.

Scan_Pic1690This is Bessie Hughes and her pony – a friend of Lawrence.  At this time the Klein family was living in Tabor, Iowa – located in Fremont County, almost the exact south-western area of the state!

Scan_Pic1691 1Mable Walno – another friend.

Scan_Pic1692And this pretty young woman is Viola Rickabaugh – probably another school chum.

Scan_Pic1693The last two sets are definitely school photos.  In this group are Ray Whitney and Ruth Brown.

Scan_Pic1694I believe Gladys Whitney and ? Walno – perhaps siblings of the earlier named friends?

A nice look back into the past of a by-gone era!



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  1. I remember Lawrence. He would come to Fairmont, Nebraska every now and then to family gatherings at grandma’s house (Edith Ritchey). I think it was Lawrence’s funeral that mom was going to when she had the car wreck that killed her in 1967, May 5th, outside Washington, Kansas.

  2. Thanks for posting this…. I remember Lawrence (my gr-uncle). He would pull into the family farm near Gothenburg to say hello and I remember when he visited my Grandparents (Lou – his oldest brother) in Gothenburg I will share this with two cousins who are children of my father’s sister, Blanche Klein Stevens. I wish I had more pictures of him. We once visited his wife’s grave in Iowa several years ago.

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