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A Page From Lawrence Klein’s Photo Album

Scan_Pic1689A page from Lawrence Klein’s photo album, dated 1924.  Lawrence was a brother to my husband’s grandmother, Edith Margaret Klein, 1890-1972.  Therefore Lawrence is a great-uncle.  Edith and Lawrence were children of George Klein and Caroline Jungbluth, born on the prairie in Nebraska, in a sod house – much like Little House on the Prairie!  There were seven other children in the family, with Lawrence being the youngest.

Scan_Pic1690This is Bessie Hughes and her pony – a friend of Lawrence.  At this time the Klein family was living in Tabor, Iowa – located in Fremont County, almost the exact south-western area of the state!

Scan_Pic1691 1Mable Walno – another friend.

Scan_Pic1692And this pretty young woman is Viola Rickabaugh – probably another school chum.

Scan_Pic1693The last two sets are definitely school photos.  In this group are Ray Whitney and Ruth Brown.

Scan_Pic1694I believe Gladys Whitney and ? Walno – perhaps siblings of the earlier named friends?

A nice look back into the past of a by-gone era!



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  1. I remember Lawrence. He would come to Fairmont, Nebraska every now and then to family gatherings at grandma’s house (Edith Ritchey). I think it was Lawrence’s funeral that mom was going to when she had the car wreck that killed her in 1967, May 5th, outside Washington, Kansas.

    • Randy,
      Your Mom was coming to Uncle Jim’s funeral (Grandpa’s brother) when she had the accident.

  2. Thanks for posting this…. I remember Lawrence (my gr-uncle). He would pull into the family farm near Gothenburg to say hello and I remember when he visited my Grandparents (Lou – his oldest brother) in Gothenburg I will share this with two cousins who are children of my father’s sister, Blanche Klein Stevens. I wish I had more pictures of him. We once visited his wife’s grave in Iowa several years ago.

    • Ron, I have quite a few photos of Uncle Lawrence I would be happy to send you, just need your address.

      • Debbie – That would be great…. email address is ronklein@ix.netcom.com if you have them in electronic form… or snail mail I can send you by email if you can give me your email address.


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