Marriage Records

Marriages – Nelson County, Kentucky

Marriages – Nelson County, Kentucky

Francis M. Lewis, age 24, married Nancy Berkeley, age 16, bond by Thomas Duncan, Jr., consent by Thomas Duncan, Jr., guardian of Nancy Berkeley, bond 15 Jan 1853 18 Jan 1853
Moses Linton married Margaret Kennedy, bond 2 Sep 1850 05 Sep 1850
Moses Linton, age 23, married Sallie Brown, age 23, bond by Hector Brown, married at St. Joseph Church, wit Henry C. Brown, Mary C. Mullins and Mary Brown, bond 9 Apr 1872 09 Apr 1872
William Linton married Mary Hagan, bond by Merit Polly, bond 8 Jun 1838 12 Jun 1838
Moses Linton married Nancy Hagan, bond signed by George Burba, const by Mary Hagan mother of the bride, bond 16 Aug 1838
William Y. Linton, age 42, widower, married Louisa M. Willett, age 20, single, bond by James H. Willett, married at George H. Willett’s, wit Thomas Thompson and Nancy Willett, bond 13 Feb 1858 16 Feb 1858
Miles Linton married Elizabeth McKune, bond by Curtis Linton, consent by W. H. McKune, father of the bride, witness to consent J. M. Linton, married at New Haven, wit Benedict McKune and Susan Linton, bond 15 Feb 1884 19 Feb 1884
Benjamin C. Linton married Caroline Newton, bond by Pious Grant, consent by Mary Newton mother of the bride, bond 22 Jun 1841 24 Jun 1841
William F. Linton, age 27, single, farmer, married Kate Welsh, age 18, single, born in Rockcastle Cty, KY, married at Mt. Vernon, KY 31 Dec 1878
Moses F. Linton married Amanda J. Ballard, bond by Stephen B. Ballard, wit Stephen B. Ballard and Theresa Ellen Ballard, bond 17 Jul 1876 31 Jul 1876
Gabriel Lutz, age 23, single, married Mary E. Shoptaugh, age 20, single 15 Jan 1855
William Martin married Luana Bray, surety Richard Rudd, consent for herself signed by Luana Bray, wit Charles Masterson 02 Apr 1831
Thomas Martin married Elizabeth Higgins, surety Peter Young, consent signed by Margaret Garner mother of the bride, wit Charles Lynch 09 Feb 1788
Thomas Martin married Fanna Mariah Owens, d/o Nathaniel Owens, surety Silas White, consent filed with bond, wit Silas White & John Owens 24 Sep 1830
William Martin married Rachel Stuart, surety Peter Young 30 Aug 1790
Jacob Marts married Ann Walker, surety Richard McMahon 29 Jul 1794
Benjamin Masden married Nancy Dewitt, d/o Nancy Dewitt, surety Price Dewitt, consent filed with bond, wit Price Dewitt 30 Oct 1826
George Mason married Rebecca Moran, widow, surety Walter Prather Brown 07 Apr 1791
Notley Mason married Juliann Davis, surety Enoch H. McKay 08 Nov 1830
Benjamin Mason married Hannah Doom, both being above the age of 21 years, surety Jacob Yoder 18 Aug 1801
Sanford A. Mason married Polly Rickerson, d/o Mary A. Stanton, surety Henry l. Bridwell, consent gives name of groom as Sandford Alexander Mason, wit Henry L. Bridwell 19 Feb 1814
Burgess Mason married Elizabeth Anderson, d/o Dorcas Anderson, surety Ludwell McKay, consent filed with bond, wit John B. Thomas, Redmon Grigsby & Ludwell McKay 20 Apr 1830
James Mason married Anne Brown, d/o Hezekiah Brown, surety William Waters, consent filed with bond 24 Aug 1797
Benjamin L. Mason married Margaret Carter, d/o Edward Carter, surety Edward Carter 25 Jan 1819
William T. Mason married Milly Carter, both being above the age of 21 years, surety Mason Carter 28 Dec 1812

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