What a Genealogy Weekend!

IMG_3969What a weekend!  Three days of total genealogy (and a little geocaching!) – eighteen cemeteries in nine counties – 1,840 photos in all!  Can you even imagine how much information I have to share with you!

It started with Mt. Gilead Cemetery in Mason County, located on Highway 1234 at the Fleming  County line!  Now I know this photo doesn’t show much – just a sign.  But behind, and mixed in with, the three foot grasses and brush are many gravestones.  We braved the briars and brambles to get photos!


This was a northern Kentucky trip, beginning in Lewis County and working our way around the Ohio River to Trimble County, ending with the Bedford Cemetery.  Much more coming in the next few weeks and months!

7 thoughts on “What a Genealogy Weekend!”

  1. That is great! I too had a genealogy journey this past weekend, gathering over 200 headstone photos in local Southern Indiana towns such as Dupont, and Scipio, Indiana..its great to hear that you were here in my home county of Trimble visiting! I have been to nearly every little cemetery I can get to in Trimble as well as Carroll…my dad’s family is from Taylor and Green Co, and I have never been able to locate my third gfather Thomas Jefferson Parrott’s( or Jefferson Thomas), born 1820, obit or headstone..He died sometime after 1880..married to Mary Francis Mardis..happy hunting!!

  2. What a wonderful trip. I can see winter is coming there. How lucky we are to have you share all your wonderful ventures with us. Thank you again. Marilyn

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