Gaines Family Buried At Vanceburg Cemetery

IMG_1251The beautiful Vanceburg Cemetery is located on a hill overlooking the Ohio River, in the city of Vanceburg, in Lewis County.  This county was named for Captain Meriweather Lewis, famous for traveling through the Louisiana Purchase with William Clark.  Up a windy, pot-holed road, you begin to think you will end in a field!  But once around the last bend the cemetery continues in  an incline to the bluff.  What a gorgeous view!

IMG_4081The family of Charles and Clementina Gaines are buried here, their site marked with a fine gravestone.  Of the seven family members buried here, their names all begin with the letter “C”.

IMG_4085Charles Gaines, born February 1, 1799, died January 14, 1868.  Clementina, wife of Charles Gaines, born July 2, 1808, died May 18, 1858.

IMG_4082Caroline Gaines, born September 28, 1829, died September 18, 1847.  Clementina Gaines, born February 27, 1842, died April 7, 1845.

IMG_4083Charles Hammond, born July 7, 1833, died October 31, 1853

Was this a nephew living with the family?

IMG_4084Charles S. Gaines, born December 10, 1839, died August 29, 1865.  Cordelia Gaines, born September 16, 1835, died December 26, 1864.

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