Marriage Records

October 19th Marriage Records

October 19th Marriage Records

Washington County, Kentucky

Nicholas Mudd married Eleanor Ferguson 19 Oct 1803
Charles Bullock married Nancy Gardiner 19 Oct 1815
James Thompson married Nancy Litsey 19 Oct 1815
Joseph Catlin married Rebecca Eubanks 19 Oct 1821
Benjamin Fenwick married Elizabeth Martin 19 Oct 1830
Pleasant Holland married Harriet Harris 19 Oct 1832
Stephen Brady married Martha Jamieson 19 Oct 1833
Peter Powell married Rosanne Warren 19 Oct 1833
Reuben Taylor married Elizabeth Satterly 19 Oct 1847
William Trimble married Lucy Gordon 19 Oct 1849
John W. Gordon married Julia Ann Hardin 19 Oct 1852
Ramond Shircliff married Susan Nally 19 Oct 1852
John Brady married Martha J. Peters 19 Oct 1857
Wilfred Fields married Susan Kidwell 19 Oct 1863
Hardin Sutherland married Nancy E. Goodlett 19 Oct 1867
William Best married Sarah B. Baker 19 Oct 1871
A. J. Smith married Mary Johnson 19 Oct 1871
Peter G. Barlow maried Mary C. Reynolds 19 Oct 1876
Sansberry Graves married Sallie Cocanougher 19 Oct 1877
Charles Webb married Cassey Ann White 19 Oct 1882
Joseph Mattingly married Lizzie Kelly 19 Oct 1886
Sam Logan married Sallie Mickens 19 Oct 1887
George Mattingly married Casia Lewis 19 Oct 1890
Ulysses G. Scott married Maranda Tatum 19 Oct 1890

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