Old Photos

1888 Ortman-Schlager Wedding Photo

Scan004 1Don’t you love this wedding photo?  Everyone seems so relaxed, not one of the stilted photos you normally see!  The bride and groom are Rose Schlager and William Ortman.  The best man is Frank Schlager, most likely brother to the bride, and the matron of honor is Mrs. Ranenbuehler – possibly sister to the groom?  We are fortunate someone wrote the names on back – along with the marriage date!  June 13, 1888!

Rose is very lovely in her bridal dress and veil and white gloves.  She carries a fan rather than a bouquet.  Mrs. Ranenbuehler is also very nicely dressed.  The groom and his best man wear the traditional 1880’s coat with small lapels and buttoned at the top.  Very nice boutonnieres.

This photo was taken by Monfort and Hill Photographers in Burlington, Iowa.

Any thoughts?

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