Old Documents

1838 Deed of Trust – Linton to Linton

William Linton is my 3rd great-grandfather.  He was the youngest son of Captain John Hancock Linton and Ann Nancy Mason.  He must have been something of a rounder since he quite often seems to be in trouble – especially concerning money!  He and his wife, Eliza Moran, daughter of William Moran, Jr., and Mary Barber, are buried in the Linton Cemetery.  The Moses L. Linton is William Linton’s brother.

Scan006Washington County, Kentucky

Where William Moran has departed this life leaving a considerable estate, both real and personal and mixed, and whereas I intermarried with one of his daughters, Eliza, by whom I would inherit her equal part of his estate, now, this indenture witness that for and in consideration of one dollar to me in hand paid by Moses L. Linton, of the County of Washington, I do by these presents bargain, sell, transfer and deliver to the said Moses L. Linton, all the right, title and interest which I may have as the estate of the said William Moran, deceased, which may have devised to me by his death either in present remainder or reversion, whether the same be real, personal or mixed, the said Moses paying to Booker Plate and Co. what I now owe them them and to John C. Moffett, what I am owing him out of the estate aforesaid, the right and title in and to the balance of the estate that may be coming to me in my own right or in the right of my wife.  I bind myself, my heirs to warrant and defend unto the said Moses L. and his heirs, forever from and against the claim or claims of all and every person or persons whatever, but it is understood that the said Moses L. is to hold, use and enjoy it only as trustee for my said wife Eliza and her said children now living and such as she may, be living at my death, he having the right to sell align and transfer the same to receive and give acquittances to the administrator or administrators or administratrix for the same in any manner he may think best for their use and benefit, that is for the use and benefit of my said wife and children, clear and free of any claim I may or can have in any manner or way whatsoever and I further covenant and agree that I am not to have any control, right or title to said property so descended as aforesaid, but the said Moses L. is to use, enjoy and control the same for the use and benefit of my said wife and children in any manner he may think best and most useful to them.  In testimony whereof we have hereunto set our hands and affixed our seals this 16th day of January 1838.

William Linton

Moses L. Linton

Signed, sealed and delivered in present of James R. Hughes, Anthony McElroy

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