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Samuel Clay Biography


from History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, Perrin, 1882

Bourbon County, Kentucky

Samuel Clay, farmer and stock raiser; P. O. Paris.  This gentleman is the largest land owner, and one of the most successful agriculturists in Bourbon County.  He was born in this Precinct [Paris] April 8, 1815, son of Colonel Henry Clay, a native of Virginia, (his wife’s maiden name was Helm), who emigrated to this county from the Old Dominion about the year 1785.  He came here with his father, Samuel Clay, when a lad of eight years.  He was a successful farmer.  To Henry Clay was born twelve children; eleven grew to maturity.  The eldest was Henry; then in order of birth were John, Sallie, Joseph, Letitia, Henrietta, Elizabeth, Samuel, Mary, Frank, and Matt M., all of whom settled in this county.  Sallie married William Buckner; Letitia became the wife of Daniel Bedinger.  Henrietta married three times; first to Mr. Bedford, by whom she had one son, Frank.  Her second husband was Robert Scott, by whom she had one child.  Her third husband was E. S. Dudley.  Elizabeth Married Douglas P. Lewis.  Mary married E. S. Dudley, the husband of Henrietta.


Samuel Clay, born April 8, 1815, died February 14, 1888.  Nancy T., his wife, 1818-1899.  Paris Cemetery, Bourbon County, Kentucky.

In 1836 our subject married Nancy T. Wornall, who was born January 16, 1816, in Clark County.  She was a daughter of Thomas and Sallie (Ryan) Wornall.  Thomas was the son of Roby and Edie Wornall, who was a native of Virginia.  At the time Mr. Clay started in business for himself, his father gave him 440 acres of land.  From this start he has added to it until he now owns over 7,000 in this county, and several thousand in counties adjoining.  Mr. Clay is a tireless worked, and believes in the adage that it is better to wear out than rust out, and his career has been one of unusual success.  He has had four children:  Thomas H., Susan E., wife of Cassius Clay.  She died in 1879, leaving four children.  James E. resides on farm adjoining.


James E. Clay, born September 25, 1850, died July 17, 1910.  Lizzie A. Clay, born December 25, 1849, died July 2, 1910.


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