Old Photos

Late 1860’s Photo – Woman With Lace Shawl

Scan042 1Another dramatic photo to share with you from the album!  Everything about this photo is tantalizing – from the hat perched atop the woman’s head to the huge bell sleeves of her hoop-skirted dress to her dangling earrings, to her parasol and gloves!  I did leave out one item – the fantastic lace shawl that covers the top two-thirds of her outfit!  I’ve never seen one such a dramatic pattern – that at first glance leaves you to believe it is the pattern of the dress showing through.  But no, it is the shawl!  And from the shoulders an extra layer of lace softly falls to the waist of the dress.  Quite impressive!  Unfortunately there is no name for the woman or the photographer!  Enjoy!

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