Coburn Family Buried at Maysville Cemetery

When Ritchey and I visited the Maysville Cemetery this past fall I was super excited to find these older stones!  Very similar to my Captain John Linton’s stone, it didn’t surprise me to find they died around the same year.  Notice the leaning stones in the following photo – I was on the ground trying to get a good shot!  Anything for genealogy!  Even on scene they were difficult to read – especially due to the position of the sun – so I took a video to record the information.  But, as you can see, the photos turned out nicely!


Final resting place of John Coburn family, Maysville Cemetery, Mason County, Kentucky.

John Coburn, son of James Coburn, was born in Philadelphia in 1762.  He became a lawyer, and moved to Fayette County, Kentucky, in 1784.  Two years later John married Mary Moss, August 26, 1786.  Mary was the daughter of Hugh Moss, a Revolutionary War soldier from Goochland County, Virginia, who died in 1780 from wounds suffered during the war.

Scan043 1According to this list of family members, said to be written by Judge John Coburn, there were ten children born to John and Mary.  There is an additional child listed, probably a first grandchild.  The following is taken from this list:

  • John Coburn, son of James, was born August 28, 1762.
  • Mary Coburn, wife of John, was born October 22, 1770.
  • They were married August 26, 1786.
  • Molly Coburn, daughter of John and Mary, was born June 6, 1787.  she died July 7, 1788.
  • John Coburn, son, was born the 10th of March 1791; he died the 11th of August 1804.
  • James Coburn, son, was born 22nd of January 1789.
  • Wilson Coburn (rest of line is blurred and torn.
  • America Coburn was born 25th May 1796.
  • Anna Wilson Coburn was born 26th February 1798.
  • Virginia Coburn was born 12th May 1800.
  • Mary Forde Coburn was born 20th March 1802.
  • John Coburn was born November 18th, 1804.
  • Henry William D. Lansiure Coburn was born the 20th January 1807.
  • G. W. Coburn was born March 18, 1821.


Sacred to the memory of John Coburn who was born August 28, 1762, and departed this life February 10, 1823, in the 61st year of his age.


In memory of Mary, Consort of John Coburn, died September 27, 1835, in the 66th year of her age.


In memory of Ann Adams who departed this life May 16, 1831, aged 33 years.

This is Anna Wilson Coburn, daughter of John and Mary, who married Gilbert Adams.


John Coburn, Junr., died 11th of August 1804, aged 13 years.


In memory of John Coburn who departed this life May ?, 1832, aged 27 years, 5 months and 13 days.

Two sons named after their father.  The first, a child of thirteen, died August 11, 1804.  Mary Coburn was expecting at this time, so when the infant boy was born November 18th of the same year, he was named for the son who was taken by death.


In memory of John James Coburn, infant son of John and Ann Coburn, who departed this life September 28, 1825(?), aged six months and two days.

Grandson of John and Mary.


In memory of Francis T. Coburn who was born January 8, 1810, and died May 5th, 1840, aged 40 years, three months and 28 days.

There is something unusual about the positioning of these stones – far too close together for normal burial.  Do you think these graves were moved from another location, possibly the family farm, to Maysville Cemetery?  Anyone have any information?

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  1. In regards to your observations about the closeness of the gravestones, I brought that to the attention of the cemetery manager on my last visit. He showed me a cemetery book dated 1896 that had diagrams of the cemetery plots. According to this book, the Coburn graves were in the same position that we see them today. The plot purchased was 10’ by 25’, and it’s possible they are so close together to accommodate new burials as more family members were buried. The graves are not in the same order as numbered in the book. They were backwards. Perhaps just a clerical error. The cemetery manager did not think they had been moved.

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