First Members of New Providence Presbyterian Church – Born Before 1800 – Volume 1

IMG_6693Pioneers from Botetourt County, Virginia, first arrived in this area of McAfee, in what is now Mercer County, Kentucky, in 1773. McAfee Station, as the new area was called, was named for five brothers and their mother, who made the arduous journey from Virginia to the lands which would become Kentucky – George, Samuel, Robert, James and William McAfee, and their mother, Jane.  The first church, New Providence Presbyterian, in the form of a log cabin, was built in 1785.

Ritchey and I have been to the cemetery several times to photograph the gravestones.  There are so many old graves I thought it would be interesting to make a list of those buried here who were born before 1800.  To my surprise their are 118!  Probably more since older gravestones are easy to crumble and disintegrate throughout the years.

IMG_1683There is a large map of the cemetery at our local library – this is my copied, cut and pasted version – along with a cemetery listing (which is very helpful!).  I have my Excel spreadsheet finished, with name, birth and death dates, and corresponding monument numbers from the above map.

IMG_1685Yellow highlighting show photos I have, pink means I need to get those photos.  This map will be so helpful in locating stones – especially in conjuncture with where the ones I already have are located!

This will be an ongoing series, sharing photos of the stones and perhaps stories of these older generations.


John McGee, VA Troops Rev War, born 1730, died January 1, 1810, settled in Kentucky 1775, one of McAfee Company.

I do not know if John McGee brought a family with him when he came with the McAfee brothers in 1775.  There are none listed in the cemetery, but their gravestones may not have lasted.  He is the oldest person buried in New Providence Cemetery, followed closely by John Meaux who was born in 1731.


In Memory of John Meaux, born January 6, 1731, died July 20, 1828, in the 95th year of his age. 

Isn’t that a remarkable age to reach in the wilderness?  Another photo of his above ground stone.


John Meaux’s Station, built in 1784, is about two miles south of Salvisa on the west-side of US 127, near Vanarsdell. Marker at 592 Garriott Lane.

Next we have a husband and wife – the Graham’s.


In Memory of Samuel Graham, born February 23, A.D. 1739.  Departed this life January 1, A.D. 1816.


Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Graham, who was born 12th October 1747, and departed this life the 13th August, 1827, in the 80th year of her age.

And finally we have one of the original McAfee brother’s and his wife, both born in 1740.


In memory of George McAfee, born April 5, 1740, died April 14, 1803, in the 63rd year of his age.


George McAfee was a spy during the Revolutionary War, being a spy in Captain Gatliff’s Company of the Illinois Regiment.


In memory of Susanna, consort of George McAfee, born October 8, 1740, died September 3, 1810.  In the 70th year of her age.

Thus completes the first installment of the early members of the McAfee region of Mercer County, Kentucky, who lived, worshiped and were buried at New Providence Presbyterian Church.

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  1. So interesting! These men are on the DAR Plaque at Fort Harrod…..so many Revolutionary War veterans settled in Mercer County! Thank you so much for your work!

  2. Wow, wish these were my kin with all the research and documenting you have done on this family. Keep up the good work.

  3. Curious about Geroge McAfee of the ILL regiment who died in 1803. Illinois was not a state until 1803. Was there a regiment of soldiers who went to the Illinois country with George Rogers Clark? I wonder what year he was with the ILL Regiment?

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