Early Mercer County Marriages at New Providence Presbyterian Church

The bits of paper from the original records are very brittle and must be handled with extreme care.  I am fortunate the Mercer County Clerk’s Office has faith in me to be very gentle when making copies of these old records!  And what precious pieces of paper they are!  This is a list of marriages performed by William Mahon 1797-1798.  He was minister at New Providence Presbyterian Church.  All the names are very familiar to me from the gravestone photos I have taken in that cemetery.

Scan053I do hereby certify that on the days and dates under-written I joined together in the marriage relation agreeably to the rites and ceremonies of the Presbyterian church the following persons.  Viz.


  • October 11 – James Thompson and Rebecca Desponit
  • October 12 – Mathias Bush and Sarah Meaux


  • January 4 – John Nation and Madeline Green
  • January 4 – Thomas Wilson and Rachel Green
  • January 11 – John McGee and Mary Bigham
  • February 15 – John Combs and Polly Adams
  • February 22 – Joseph Graham and Mary Stevenson
  • March 14 – William Black and Catharine Eakins
  • March 15 – Dennis Calahan and Margaret Bowler
  • March 22 – William Adams and Mary Adams
  • September 6 – William Reid and Sarah Silvers
  • September 8 – James Morrison and Kitty Bland

Given under my hand this 24 September 1798

William Mahon, M.V.D.

Any thoughts?

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