Marriage Records

Booker-Boone-Booth Washington County Marriages

Booker-Boone-Booth Washington County Marriages

Booker-Boone-Booth – three familiar names in the Washington County area.  If you have an ancestor listed here, do a search on the blog to see if there are other posts written on the family – I know there are others on the Booker family!  At the top right of the Kentucky Kindred page is a magnifying glass in a green box.  Click and a search box appears.  Happy researching!

Booker Adam Booker married Henrietta Smith 13 Aug 1890
Booker Anthony Booker married Jane Hundley 30 Nov 1879
Booker Anthony Booker married Kitty Hagan 09 Apr 1872
Booker Paul J. Booker married Letitia Reed 10 Jul 1828
Booker Samuel Booker married Nancy A. Nantz 02 May 1829
Booker Samuel E. Booker married Maria F. Lewis 03 Dec 1844
Booker Stark Booker married Laura Warner 07 Apr 1887
Booker W. F. Booker married Lizzie Leachman 12 Nov 1890
Booker W. H. Booker married Maria Robertson 08 Jan 1878
Booker William B. Booker married Louisa V. Nantz 21 Jan 1812
Boone Benedict Boone married Anne Harriet Medley 28 May 1815
Boone Benjamin Taylor Boone married Ellen Rena Carrico 24 Jan 1876
Boone Charles Boone married Susanna Howard 23 Jan 1812
Boone Cornelius Boone married Eliza Medley 07 Apr 1820
Boone Dominic Boone married Cecilia Edelen 12 Jan 1836
Boone Frank Boone married Lizzie Burnett 27 Dec 1881
Boone Henry Boone married Mary Mudd 05 Dec 1797
Boone John Boone married Elizabeth Howard 13 Jan 1817
Boone R. C. Boone married Annie McIntire 20 Jan 1879
Boone Robert P. Boone married Mary S. Nally 18 Jan 1881
Boone Theodore Boone married Elizabeth H. Medley 04 Oct 1813
Boone William Boone married Caroline Boone 26 Jun 1836
Boone William Washington Boone married Jennie Belle Montgomery 29 Jul 1890
Booth James Booth married Fanny Thompson 11 Feb 1805
Booth William Booth married Susanna Jacobs 11 Apr 1811

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