Old Photos

Old Photo – Rudolph’s Studio, Chicago

Scan132 1This is a stunning photo!  The beautiful woman, the dress, the flowers.  There are beads and sparkles on the bodice of the dress.  She wears a large pendant and white gloves.  It’s definitely a wedding photo, but I’m not sure this is the bride – there is no veil.  What do you think?

Scan133 1A very interesting factor for this photo is the back – a rendition of the photographer’s building on 957 Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.  Louis Rudolph is the owner – notice his last name above the second floor, and his full name over the shop windows.  This also gives us an idea of pricing for photographs during this time period – cabinet photos (such as the one shown) are $2.00 per dozen!  12 cabinets and a life size crayon are $4.75.  The building is very decorative – from the kiosk standing at the curb to the small domes at the top!  This was one way of advertising – ‘Where did you get your photo taken?’ – information right on the back!

Louis H. Rudolph ran this shop on Milwaukee Avenue from 1892-1900.  I checked, but there is no building standing there today!  What a loss!

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  1. The Chicago Historical Society did put out this book, https://archive.org/details/chicagophotograp00chic “Chicago photographers, 1847 through 1900 : as listed in Chicago city directories,” but we have a family photo from Rudolph’s Studio in our possession with a handwritten date on the back of “Sept 1904,” so Rudolph did continue at that location at least a few years into the new century.

    Remember, the street numbers were all changed in 1909. According to the book, Street Renumbering, http://www.chsmedia.org/househistory/1909snc/start.pdf Rudolph’s gallery would have stood today at 1311 N Milwaukee Ave — but that is now a Kmart parking lot. Some of the gentrified buildings across the street still have a tiny bit of the old ornate glory, but nothing like Rudolph’s must have been like in its prime.


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