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Leland and Lydia Bland

IMG_9779 2In the small cemetery of Red Mills, near Sonora, in the southern part of Hardin County, Kentucky, Leland and Lydia Bland are buried, with most of their children.  Leland and Lydia were from Nelson County, Kentucky.  Her maiden name was also Bland!  Leland was the son of Thomas Morton Bland and Ann Lawrence.  Lydia’s parents were William Bland and Sarah Peake, and they, too are buried in this cemetery.  Leland and Lydia were married in Nelson County, October 24, 1831.

In the 1840 census of Hardin County Leland is listed with 1 male less than five (which would be son Granville), 1 male 20-29, Leland; 1 female less than five (daughter Lucinda), and 1 female 20-29, Lydia.

Lydia’s parents moved to Hardin County, also.  Her mother, Sarah, died April 24, 1844, aged 75 years – which makes her born in 1769.  Lydia’s father, William, died February 15, 1850, aged 85 years, born in Prince William County, Virginia.  He was born in 1765.

IMG_9446Leland Bland, born March 13, 1812, died, June 7, 1850, Red Mills Cemetery, Hardin County, Kentucky

Leland died at the young age of 38 just two months before the 1850 census was taken.  The census records are as follows:

  • Bland, Lydia     37
  •   William T.        17
  •   Margaret A.   15
  •   Granville          12
  •   Lucinda             10
  •   Adeline                8
  •   James Henry    6
  •   James                   3
  •   Mary Elizabeth  7/12

Life was hard in the mid 19th century.  This family is a very painful example.  In the decade between the death of her husband in June 1850, to June of 1860, five of Lydia’s children died.  Margaret A. died May 16, 1851, at the age of 16.  Mary Elizabeth died August 19, 1851, at the age of 20 months.  Adeline died November 25, 1851, at the age of 9.  Granville died October 8, 1855, at the age of 17.  Lucinda died September 18, 1859, at the age of 19.  She was a young wife, married to Gabriel M. Cash April 12, 1858.  She possibly died during childbirth.  Lucinda’s young husband followed her to the grave less than two years later!

IMG_9444Elizabeth, daughter of Leland and Lydia Bland, born December 23, 1849, died August 19, 1851.

IMG_9445Margaret, daughter of Leland and Lydia Bland, born, April 30, 1835, died May 16, 1851.

IMG_9450Lucinda P., wife of G. W. Cash, born November 18, 1839, died September 18, 1859.

IMG_9469Gabriel M. Cash

In the 1860 census, Lydia is listed with her three sons – William T., 26; Henry, 15; and James, 12.

William T. died in 1867 at the age of 34.  His gravestone is decorated with Masonic symbols.

IMG_9448William T., son of Leland and Lydia Bland, born April 15, 1833, died May 6, 1867.

Lydia Bland carried on until 1869.  She had two sons remaining with her, but one was to follow her shortly to the grave.

IMG_9447James H., son of Leland and Lydia bland, born December 3, 1847, died December 12, 1874.

I do not have a photo of Lydia’s stone, but from Find A Grave I know there is one, or at least there was one there originally.  This cemetery is in bad shape, most of the stones old and many fallen over or broken.

Henry Bland was the only child to live until adulthood, marry and produce descendants.  In the 1870 census for Hardin County he is listed, aged 25, with one son – John L, 4.  His wife was deceased by this date.  In 1880 Henry is listed with Alice A., 31, who he married in 1873; and sons John L., 14; David O., 6; and James W. C., 3.  Between 1880 and 1910 the family moved to Oklahoma.  In 1920 Henry is listed as a widower.  He died February 10, 1922.

Tomorrow I will share the wills of Leland and Lydia Bland.

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  1. Hello,

    I truly enjoy your posts, pictures etc. My own family as most have some sad stories such as these. I have played with my genealogy for some years now as time has allowed with living in N.C. and raising 4 children, one of which remains with us. I’m wondering if I can seek your advice as I have not made any progress even after acquiring a laptop. I have binders of my history and research, a lot of which is plugging into someone else’s family lines, that still needs to be authenticated. I used the latter day saints family history sight which of course is gone. I need to get my data online again, and was hoping you could recommend a program for purchase.

    I think I forgot to mention I grew up in Marion County Kentucky, with ancestry from the surrounding counties also of Washington and Nelson. Thanks for any advice you can give me, and Happy Retirement!

    Debby Cambron McCoy,

    Sent from Windows Mail

    • Debbie, thank you for your kind comments! I use Family Tree Maker for my genealogy – always have! My suggestion is go to the original records! It’s the only way to be sure what you have in your tree is correct! I use Ancestry online – but don’t just look at the family trees others have uploaded – they are not always correct. But Ancestry can be a wealth of information when you use their online records – census, wills, marriages, etc. There are many avenues for your research. I always advocate going to the original records, but sometimes that is not always possible – if you are in North Carolina and your records are in Kentucky! Perhaps a trip home to visit family can also be a genealogy tour!

      When I taught at St. Francis of Assisi Elementary – 1977-1980 – I remember two Cambron children – I believe the little girl’s name was Amanda, can’t remember the boy’s name. Fond memories of my teaching days!

      Good luck with your research!

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