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James Fisher Photo of Lovely Woman

Scan164 1Here is a simply wonderful photo of a lovely woman!  Her dark velvet dress with lace trim at the neckline, sleeves and hem is stunning!  Notice her long train.  Is she dressed for a party?  The heavy jewelry at her neck and on her arms adds to the overall effect.  There is a tinge of pink at her lips and cheeks.  Does she hold a program?  Would be so interesting to know!

This photo was taken by James Fisher, 59, White Ladies Road, Clifton, Bristol, England.  At the bottom of the photo he is listed as a miniature painter.  Although I could find no information about him, there are several of his photographs online.

This is a photo from the large, red album I purchased at the beginning of the year – however, there is no name on back!  Enjoy your day!

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  1. Thank you. The photograph is lovely.Although the photo is not in color, I want to make several comments. She appears to have ed hair and light blue eyes. She seems to be wearing an engagement ring as well as a wedding ring and her jewelry looks as if it might be made of jet. The population is currently a center of celtic people along with adjacent Devon and Cornwall. Again, it is a beautiful picture of a past era. Marilyn

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