Family Stories

Deatley Plot at Maysville Cemetery


Severn P. Deatley, born January 25, 1830, died May 3, 1892.  Maysville Cemetery, Mason County, Kentucky.


Bettie W., wife of S. P. Deatley, born February 14, 1837, died August 28, 1882.


Nannie A., wife of Severn P. Deatley, after his death wife of W. S. Wallingford, born September 24, 1857, died March 23, 1949.

from The Daily Public Ledger, Maysville, Mason County, Kentucky

May 4, 1892

S.P. Deatly, a prominent Oddfellow of Tollesboro Lodge, whose serious illness is noted in our correspondence elsewhere [he was ill with pneumonia], died early this morning at his home near Tollesboro. He was a brother-in-law of W.W. Ball of this city, his first wife being a sister of Mr. Ball. His second wife was a daughter of Charles Coryell of this county. He leaves a widow and several small children. Mr. Deatly was a good citizen, whose loss will be keenly felt.


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