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Young Woman with Coat and Hat

Scan173 1Doesn’t this young woman look as if she is ready for a journey?  She wears a dark, heavy, velvety coat, which looks like she is expecting cold, cold weather!  And notice the button holes – quite fancy!  Her hat is quite handsome – I suppose there are more flowers hidden by the upturned brim.  Her jewelry is very pretty, from the watch pinned to the lapel of her coat, with its long gold chain, to the brooch at her neck, to the bracelet on her right arm.  The white lacy fringed purse seems rather at odds with the dark components of her outer clothes, but she is wearing a white dress underneath the coat.  And finally we notice she holds a rosary in her right hand and a book – a prayer book? – in her left.  There is a title on the book but I cannot make it out.  She seems a little old, but has she just been confirmed?  Or just joined the Catholic Church?  Another of those mysteries we try to understand but will probably never know the whole story!  Photo taken by Kauffman Photography in Philadelphia.

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