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Family Photo – 1863-1864

Scan183 1This family photo has been in my possession for a long time.  It was included in my great-grandmother’s genealogy.  In trying to research the date of this photo – definitely from the 1860’s – I found one online very similar dated 1863-1864.  If you notice the photo is a CDV – carte-de-visite – a small, 2.5 x 4 inch photo.  The double gold edging – one strip a little larger than the other – is very indicative of the 1860’s time period.  What is a little more unusual is the photo looks to be on another piece of paper/card that is glued to the larger card.  In the photo online that I found it had the very same look to it.

This young girl wears a beautiful dress, with a vibrant print.  Her hair is in a snood that looks to be made of the same material.    Another photo I found online has a collar and brooch very similar to the one in this photo.  It is called a stand up collar and was generally closed with a brooch – as in the above photo!

On back of the photo reads – G. S. Mock, Photographer, opposite Meeks’ Hotel, Lebanon, KY.

Now that we have studied the photo, let’s try to identify the subject!  Since this was in Frances Barber Linton’s genealogy – my great-grandmother – it must be someone from her family.  Frances was born in 1867, after the Civil War, so she is too young to be the girl in the photo.  Frances had an older sister, Alice Clark Linton, born in October of 1855, who would be the perfect age to be in this photo.  Even though the online photo was dated 1863-1864, it would not be hard to imagine that a photographer in a small town would still use the same materials for photography in 1865-1867, when Alice was 10-12, or possibly a year or so later.  Another clue to name Alice as the subject, is that in the 1870 Census of Marion County she and her parents and siblings are living there, having moved from Springfield, Washington County, to Lebanon, Marion County, ten miles away.  Edward, 45; Catherine, 40; Alice, 14; Anne E., 8; Francis B., 3; Mary K., 3/12.  Edward is listed as a plow maker.  Ten years later, in 1880, the family still live in Lebanon, but Edward works in a furniture store.  Alice works as a seamstress.  Anne E. died in April 1879.

Scan184 1Why have I not thought about this and researched before now?  I really can’t say.  I have looked at this photo many times and thought I would probably never know who she is.  I believe researching and sharing information with you has sharpened my skills, and perhaps by this point my mind is more inquisitive!  Or it could be that is was this particular day I was to find Alice Clark Linton in this photo of a young girl at the end of the Civil War!

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