A ‘Blue’ Wedding for 1907?

I never tire of reading old newspapers from the end of the 1800’s and early 1900’s – the weddings, obituaries and information on life during that time period.  Today I am sharing an article from a June 1907 newspaper that gives advice on having a ‘blue’ wedding.  The talk of materials, flowers and leghorn hats, lingerie hats and ostrich feathers gives a great picture for the mind!

from Breathitt County News, Jackson, Kentucky

Friday, June 28, 1907

Blue Weddings In Vogue

Many June Bridesmaids Will Carry Forgetmenots

There has of late been a tendency to branch out a little from prescribed lines for wedding decorations, and now that white satin is no longer indispensable for the bride one looks involuntarily for other and perhaps more startling changes.

In color schemes many recent brides seemed to have realized at last the possibilities of blue as the prevailing tone in the wedding procession.  Forgetmenots are particularly beautiful in early June, and no prettier effect can be imagined than bridesmaids in sheer white frocks carrying hat baskets of forgetmenots tied with blue satin ribbon.  They might wear leghorn hats trimmed with forgetmenots and small pink rose buds, or lingerie hats if preferred.  The sashes may be blue.

In this case a pretty variation would be to have the maid of honor dressed in a blue chiffon and carry a bunch of pale pink roses or a bunch of white lilacs or peonies.

Again, all the bridesmaids may wear blue.  If the solid blue does not seem desirable, blue marquisette or net over white taffeta foundations gives a paler shade.  In this case the flowers should be white, as, for instance, white peonies or roses.  The maid of honor in this case might wear a white frock made exactly like the others and carry forgetmenots.

For early summer weddings flower trimmed hats seem very appropriate for bridesmaids, but long ostrich feathers will still be worn.  For the blue wedding just spoken of white leghorn picture hats, with long shoulder length blue ostrich feathers would be most attractive.

Any thoughts?

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