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Fulkerson-Rawlings Wedding In Breathitt County

from Breathitt County News, Jackson, Kentucky

Friday, October 23, 1903


Was the Fulkerson-Rawlings Wedding Last Evening

Many Handsome Gifts

The wedding of Miss Laura Rawlings and Mr. Robert Fulkerson was solemnized last evening at 8:30 o’clock, at the Imperial Hotel, in the presence of a large assembly of friends and relatives.

The house was beautifully decorated with evergreens and ferns, and on the mantle and stand table were large jardiniers of cosmas, tastefully arranged.

A few minutes before 8:30, the wedding party proceeded down the stairs, Miss Hattie Richmond first, followed by Miss Hattie MeLin; then came the bride.  The bridesmaids wore beautiful toilettes of blue silk mull, and carried bouquets of long stemmed Chrysanthemums.  Never did the bride look lovelier than in her wedding gown of white Paris muslin, elaborately trimmed in handsome lace; her bouquet was of white bride’s roses.

The wedding party was met at the foot of the stairs by Mr. Leonidas Redvine and Mr. T. T. Hiner, followed by the bride and groom and Rev. M. W. Hiner, who performed the ceremony.

The grouping under arch formed by the stairway was very pretty and effective.

After the congratulations, which followed, the wedding gifts were displayed in the parlor.  Seldom, if ever, have such wedding gifts been seen in Jackson.  Among the many handsome presents were several beautiful pieces of cut glass, a large quantity of silver, bric-a-brac, chairs and everything in the way of handsome presents was lavished on this happy couple.

Among those who attended were:  Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Day, of Winchester; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Day, of Frozen; Mr. Mack Clark, of Clay City; Mrs. Beasly, of Covington; Mr. and Mrs. Hornbrook, Mrs. E. A. Hornbrook, of Lexington; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hend, Mr. and Mrs. Kash, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, Mr. and Mrs. William Day, Mr. and Mrs. Judge Fleenor, Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Blair MeLin, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Spencer, Dr. and Mrs. Kash, Mr. and Mrs. Bowling, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bosworth, Mr. John E. Patrick, L. Y. Redwine, Dr. Hogg, Sam Fleenor, Misses Tipton, Miss Carrie Day, Misses Margaret and Kate Sewell, Miss Nettie Combs, Miss Emma Clark, Miss Hurst, Miss Marcum, Mrs. Judge Redwine, Miss Hurst, of Campton, Mr. Fletcher, Mr. Gibson, Captain Pickard, Dr. and Mrs. Swango, Mrs. Clarence Hadden, Mr. and Mrs. Judge Hagins, Miss Lula Hagins, Mr. and Mrs. Patton, Mrs. Philips, Mrs. Bohannan, Mrs. Lyon, Captain MeLin and wife, of Virginia, Mr. Claude Day.

Mr. Fulkerson is employed with the Day Bros. Co., and he is held in high esteem by his employers.  He was born and raised in Lee County, Virginia, and is a son of L. D. Fulkerson, of Lee County, who has been Representative of his county several times.

Miss Rawlings is also employed with the Day Bros. Co., in the Millinery Department, of which she has charge, and is one of the best in this part of the state.  She is loved by all who know her.  She is from Covington, Kentucky, where she was born and raised.  She has been in our city several years.  The News joins in wishing them a long and prosperous life.

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