Helen Willey Newbold

scan239-1May I introduce you to Helen Willey Newbold, better known to some as Aunt Code Willey.  Helen wears a beautiful 1890’s dress – so romantic with the high collar and back lace.  The dark sheen of her dress dramatically sets off the printed bodice insert.  And the simple hairstyle serves her well.

Alright, we have a mystery to solve – who is Helen Willey Newbold?  I could find nothing online that would help identify her.  Since we know this photo was taken in the 1890’s I would put her date of birth in the late 1860’s.  Unfortunately we do not know where this photo was taken.

scan238-1As you can see from the full scan, there is no photographer’s name listed, or address.  In the 1890’s various cards were used for photos – different shapes and different sizes.  This card is 4 1/2 inches by 6 inches – not a size I could find listed!  Notice the embossing on the card – just a simple pattern.

scan240And on the back is written the subject’s name.  If any of you recognize this name – or the woman in the photo – please let us know!

Any thoughts?

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