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A Little Genealogist’s First Cemetery Adventure

img_8706How early is too early to start genealogy research?  It’s never too early in my opinion.  Yesterday we took our grandson, Julian, on a genealogy adventure with us.  We visited the Linton cemetery first, where his sixth and seventh great-grandfather, Captain John Hancock Linton, is buried.  Also, his fifth and sixth great-grandparents, William Linton (son of John) and Eliza Lyon Moran Linton, are buried there.  Only seven gravestones are standing in the cemetery, but I am sure there are many more family members buried there.

The cemetery and several acres surrounding it were purchased by the Redemption Point Church of God about five years ago.  They keep the cemetery immaculate, and yesterday we noticed the gravestones had been washed – it was so easy to read the names and birth and death dates.  At a time when so many family cemeteries are lost to weeds, brambles and bushes – or bulldozed to oblivion – I am very thankful this church bought the land and is taking such good care of the cemetery.  There were white posts at a distance around the cemetery.  I knew the church was going to extend the cemetery to include a burial area for their members.  Evidently the Linton cemetery will be at the center, with members buried on all sides around it.  Linton and Edwards family members should be very thankful.

As for 22 month old Julian, he didn’t realize the significance of where he was – he just enjoyed running around the cemetery and sitting on some of the rocks that could possibly be grave markers.  Did he listen to my explanation of Captain John?  Perhaps, but I am sure it didn’t register.  This morning when he came in with his sippy cup, and I asked him what color it was, he proudly said, ‘Purple!’  Nana’s favorite color.  One day when we are at the cemetery I hope he will be able to say, ‘Captain John!’ when I ask who is buried there.  We will continue to visit cemeteries and talk about ancestors – and one day he will be a genealogist and lover of family history, too.

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  1. I really enjoyed this story. I think it is wonderful that you took your grandson to visit the burial sites of his ancestors. I regret that I knew little of my heritage until only recently. Children are amazingly fast learners. Your grandson may indeed one day ask about Uncle John.

  2. -By the way, my Ancestry DNA results have me potentially related to Susan Ann Linton who married James Hayner in Washington County. Those names do appear in your blog. I have not yet discovered how they are related to me but won’t give up trying to figure it out and your blogs may provide some clues. I will let you know! Thanks!

  3. What a loving story! I have many Carter and other relatives buried in Lincoln cemeteries. Some mark, others lost. Do you know if there is anyone to do record search in Lincoln County? Thanks for all you do.

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