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McAlister Family Buried at St. Rose

209John R. McAlister, 1846-1931.  Rosie Polin, his wife, 1849-1938.  St. Rose Catholic Cemetery, Washington County, Kentucky.

Today I share with you gravestones of three brothers, Thomas B., John R. and Louis B. McAlister, sons of Thomas and Susan McAlister, buried in St. Rose Catholic Cemetery in Washington County, Kentucky.  The first photo has a nice view of St. Rose Church, established in 1806.

Baptismal record for John R. McAlister – no birth date given, baptized August 11, 1846, sponsor Margaret McAlister.

208Thomas B. McAlister, 1843-1921, CO A., 5th KY CAV

Thomas Berry McAlister was baptized October 24, 1843, with sponsor Nancy McAlister.

207Louis B. McAlister, 1848-1918.

Louis Butler McAlister was born September 20, 1848, baptized September 26, 1848, with sponsor Margaret McAlister.

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