Old Photos

J. E. Purdy – Early 20th Century Photo

scan241-1This is a glorious early 20th century photograph – 1902 perhaps?  In a non-traditional pose this young woman decides to sit on the edge of the chair, arms over the arm of the chair.  She has that lovely upswept hair and a fantastic hat – a winter hat I believe since you can see it is made of fur.  Her white blouse and slim-fitting skirt make up the outfit of the time period.  If we only knew her name!  Do you think she was possibly a suffragette?  She has that determined look!

Photo was taken by J. E. Purdy & Co., Boston.  J. E. Purdy was in the business from 1896 to 1928.  He believed in showing the truth through photography, “I consider the real or true function of photography to be to record and publish the truth. Now the mission of the new school seems to be in great measure to conceal the truth: to hide, cover up or eliminate facts rather than to present them in a striking and realistic manner. My idea is that we cannot have too much of the truth, provided it is presented in its proper and legitimate way.”

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  1. You are right with all the photo shopping etc. we don’t get to see what’s real. She is wearing a small diamond ring on her left hand. Wedding ring?

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