Camp Ground United Methodist Cemetery – Hart County

In May of this year Ritchey and I traveled to Hart County to photograph gravestones in some of the cemeteries there.  One of those we visited, Camp Ground United Methodist Cemetery, is located west of Bonnieville near the intersection of Camp Ground Road and Highway 728.  It is a small cemetery, and some of the stones have not weathered well through the years – and some have a black substance on them that makes some of them unreadable.  But it is still a treasure.  I share a few of those photos with you today.

img_5334Charles Caswell, August 18, 1830 – December 7, 1913

img_5332Cyntha A. Caswell, his wife, October 3, 1831 – September 29, 1919

I can’t be sure her first name is Cyntha, the stone is so deteriorated.

img_5344Rev. Alexander G. Kesinger, born December 29, 1814, died March 4, 1891

One of the photos with black on the stone.

img_5346Nancy, wife of A. G. Kesinger, born January 8, 1817, died March 29, 1875.  At rest.


Melvinia E., wife of Rev. A. G. Kessinger, June 8, 1846 – November 5, 1938


Kate, wife of J. S. Finley, born April 2, 1870, died October 3, 1915.  ‘In life she exhibited all the graces of a Christian, In death her spirit returned to God who gave it.’


J. S. Finley, June 11, 1870 – March 21, 1929.  At Rest.

I hope you have enjoyed this trip to Camp Ground United Methodist Cemetery in Hart County.  We’ll take another trip shortly!


Any thoughts?

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