Volume III Is Finished

wc-will-vol-3The third volume of Washington County Will Books Index, names beginning with E and F is finished.  Several of you have mentioned interest in this volume so I rushed it through as soon as possible.  The same as Volumes I, II, IV, V and VI, it includes a listing of the names in the Washington County Will Books (A-W 1792-1902), includes a description of the entry (will, sales bill, allot dower, guardian settlement, administrative settlement, inventory, appraisement, division of estate, list of slaves, etc.), the book and page number.  The list is alphabetized by surname.

This is Volume III – last names beginning with E and F.  This can be purchased for your Kindle or other reading device on Amazon – just click on the photo above.

Just in case you are wondering, when I am finished with the nine volumes they will be grouped together for one huge index – for researchers like me that have all my lines running through Washington County!  Smaller versions for those with just one or two family lines in the county.  Happy researching!

Any thoughts?

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