Marriage Records

Marriages, Marriages, Marriages

Washington Cty., KY Elijah Adcock married Jemima Clark 06 Aug 1833
Logan County, KY G. C. Adcock married Martha Jane Still 05 Feb 1840
Logan County, KY J. A. Adcock married M. J. C. Brooks 11 Jun 1856
Logan County,  KY Joseph S. Adcock married Mary Clayton 25 Aug 1857
Washington Cty., KY Thomas Adcock married Ann Hall 14 Jul 1836
Clark Cty., KY Anderson Addison married Lucy Smith 25 Mar 1818
Logan County,  KY J. B. Addison married Amanda Cooper ?? Jun 1851
Logan County,  KY Jonathan Addison married Elizabeth Grigsley 24 Sep 1827
Logan County, KY Martin Addison married Frances Grigsley 23 Mar 1827
Logan County, KY Richard Addison married M. E. Adams 10 Feb 1859
Logan County, KY Shelton Addison married Caty Civils 06 Feb 1837
Logan County, KY William I. Addison married Amanda Sharp 02 Jul 1835
Logan County, KY Cornelius Adkins married Sarah Johnston 20 May 1805
Hancock Cty., KY David M. Adkins married Nancy Standiford 30 Oct 1836
Mercer Cty., KY Hineh Adkins married Sally Ricket 05 Sep 1797
Marion Cty., KY James L. Adkins, widower, married Mary Louise Jackson 11 Aug 1948
Bourbon Cty., KY John Adkins married Elizabeth Stokewell 21 Mar 1789
Logan County, KY L. J. Adkins married Hester E. Poor 10 Sep 1850
Clark Cty., KY Moses Adkins married Polly Wilson 14 Jan 1812
Washington Cty., KY Comadore Adkinson married Mary E. Shirley 11 Apr 1876
Washington Cty., KY Cornelius Adkinson married Mary Hendrin 01 Oct 1872
Washington Cty., KY Jeremiah Adkinson married Letty Emily Lay 31 Dec 1863
Mercer Cty., KY John Adkinson married Betsy Silvey 17 Mar 1810
Washington Cty., KY Thomas C. Adkinson married Elizabeth Barbour 25 Dec 1839
Mercer Cty., KY thomas Agains married Jenny Curry 04 Jun 1804
Bourbon Cty., KY Thomas Agg married Mary Button 02 Apr 1798
Pendleton Cty., KY John Agnew married Mary Cummins 18 Jul 1822
Logan County, KY Hermon Ahranbarg married Mary A. Hutchings 07 Aug 1854
Bourbon Cty., KY Moses Aiken married Isabella Johnson 12 May 1797
Bourbon Cty., KY Adam Ailkire married Margaret Hornbeck 21 Oct 1788
Logan County, KY P. F. Aingel married Caroline Rose 22 Mar 1838
Logan County, KY George P. Aingell married Eliza Gorham 14 Nov 1847
Logan County, KY J. R. Aingell married M. F. Lyne 23 Jan 1863
Logan County, KY Jeremiah Aingell married Phoebe Luckett 07 Oct 1819
Logan County, KY John Aingell married Josephina Edgar 30 Jan 1838
Logan County, KY William Aingell married Ann Beall 10 Mar 1818
Logan County, KY William Aingell married Nancy Furbush 03 Apr 1811
Logan County, KY P. F. Aingle married Ann McCarley 03 Jan 1856
Bourbon Cty., KY George Airlewine married Mary Snapp 13 Feb 1787
Marion Cty., KY Jerry Dean Akers married Mary Ella Glasscock 27 Jun 1971
Logan County, KY John Akes married Catherine Rutherford 21 Feb 1827
Garrard Cty., KY Garland Akin married Nancy Ratton 15 Sep 1800
Woodford Cty., KY Larkin N. Akin married Sallie Harrison 23 Apr 1817
Logan County, KY T. J. Akin married M. E. Campbell 14 Jan 1861
Mercer Cty., KY Daniel Akins married Sarah Day 12 Aug 1805
Mercer Cty., KY Joseph Akins married Martha Eastland 21 Feb 1801
Marion Cty., KY Woodson L. Akins married Mary Sanders 10 Apr 1945
Clark Cty., KY William Alkinson married Betsy Williams 10 Sep 1830
Estill Cty., KY Eli Albam married Louisa Primble 07 Sep 1843
Washington Cty., KY Silas P. Albert married Anna M. Hall 1868
Marion Cty., KY Bernie Albertson married Helen E. Gribbins 14 Mar 1947
Marion Cty., KY Clyde L. Albertson married Lena M. Gribbins 05 Jan 1948
Marion Cty., KY Eddie Albertson married Emma Mason 05 Oct 1911
Marion Cty., KY James W. Albertson married Minnie Mullins 07 Feb 1923
Marion Cty., KY Paul Ewing Albertson married Myrtle Cox 26 Dec 1959
Marion Cty., KY Terry Wayne Albertson married Terry Kaye Hardin 29 Jan 1972
Logan County, KY Allen Alcock married Sarah R. Hambright 22 Oct 1814
Woodford Cty., KY Henry Alcorn married Frances Payne 01 May 1821
Estill Cty., KY James Alcorn married Nancy Tudor 27 Jun 1833
Bourbon Cty., KY John Alcorn married Rachel Eubanks 24 Apr 1799
Estill Cty., KY Madison Alcorn married Sarah L. Sharp 26 Jul 1849
Garrard Cty., KY Thomas Alcorn married Caty Montgomery 08 Jul 1799
Logan County, KY Benjamin Alderson married Mary Ann McCarty 21 Nov 1848
Logan County, KY James Alderson married Emily Hall 30 Dec 1833

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