Marriage Records

Holt – Maddox 1829 Marriage Bond and Consents

Know all men by these presents that we, Valentine Holt and John Darnall, are held and firmly bound unto the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the penal sum of fifty pounds current money, to the payment of which well and truly to be made unto said state.  We bind ourselves, our heirs, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents, sealed with our seals and dated this 2nd day of May 1829.

The Condition of the above obligation is such that whereas there is a license about to issue for a marriage intended to be solemnized between the above bound Valentine and Nancy Maddox.  Now if there be no lawful cause to obstruct said marriage then the above obligation to be void, else to remain in full force and virtue.

Valentine Holt, John Darnall

Teste.  Thomas Allin, D. C.

I do hereby authorize the Clerk of Mercer County to issue marriage license for my daughter, Nancy, and Valentine Holt to marry April 28th 1829.

William Maddox

Witness, John Darnall, William Goodlett

Mercer County

This day John Darnall appeared before me, William Bohon, a Justice of the Peace for said County, and made oath that he had frequently heard from different persons that Nancy Maddox was twenty-one years of age and that he is personally acquainted with her and to the best of his belief said girl is of that age.  Given under my hand this 2nd day of May 1829.

William Bohon, JP

Mercer County, Kentucky

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  1. DEAR KINDRED: I really appreciate each one of your posts. I find them simple and thoughful, fun & funny. I reaserch my MINOR family and you have given me some very great information over the years. I am stuck on my DANIEL TAYLOR of Perry County Indiana. I have sqeezed teh records over the last 10 years and not a drop more. I have one unresearched lead out of Bredenridge County—which is across the Ohio from Perry County INdiana. I beleive the land records and tax reports are my Daniel Taylor as his son & daughterinlaw (Mary Jane Minor Nelson County) were from KY in other documents. Do you have anything at all on any Daniel Taylor’s. I live in British Columbia Canada and cant get away these last few years—not that i havent tried. Danny Hingley 250-219-0351 >

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