Marriage Records

Washington County Marriages

Washington County Marriages

Alexander Bird married Susan Ann Chesser 21 Jan 1877
Franklin Bird married Mary Elizabeth Cook 30 Jan 1845
Jesse Bird married Leodocia Ray 28 Feb 1828
John Bird married Permelia Hardin 25 Jan 1840
John W. Bird married Nancy Bennett 25 Aug 1823
John W. Bird married Susan J. Hood 24 Dec 1872
Joshua Bird married Alice Richardson 23 Oct 1878
Joshua Bird married Elizabeth Keeling Nov 1837
Thomas Bird married Rhoda Jane Bird 25 Oct 1864
D. T. Bishop married Mrs. Amanda Royalty 21 Aug 1881
Daniel Bishop married Rebecca Ann Neal 21 Aug 1862
Daniel P. Bishop married Sarah B. Cheatham 05 Feb 1860
Douglas Bishop married Mary Hale 27 Jan 1881
Franklin Bishop married Cynthia S. Cammack 23 Sep 1839
George Bishop married Cora Lewis 20 Sep 1888
James R. Bishop married Sarah B. Richardson 24 Mar 1887
John C. Bishop married Amanda Sappington 05 Nov 1854
John C. Bishop married Martha A. Hardesty 15 Jan 1882
John C. Bishop married Mary Ann Bond 19 Aug 1850
Kenchlow Bishop married Susan Seay 01 Mar 1881
Michael Bishop married Louisa French 29 Mar 1830
Shem H. Bishop married Maude E. Bonta 25 Nov 1891
Solomon B. Bishop married Mary M. Keeling 26 Dec 1850
Taylor Bishop married Nancy P. Scott 17 Feb 1851
William Bishop married Jennie Mitchell 01 Jan 1888
William H. Bishop married Amanda Bell Curtsinger 08 Feb 1883
William Z. Bishop married Maria Jane Curtsinger 25 Oct 1853
James T. Black married Mary C. McMillen 15 Nov 1860
Neil Black married Mary Beauchamp 16 Jan 1834
Thomas B. Black married Lucinda Ferrell 05 Nov 1861
J. S. Blackerby married Maggie L. Sutton 16 Jan 1890
Jeremiah Blackerby married Elizabeth Wilson 12 Mar 1850
A. C. Blacketer married Lucinda Coyle 19 Jul 1874
A. C. Blacketer married Martha J. Martin 22 Feb 1866
Allin S. Blacketer married Annie Colvin 10 Dec 1871
David H. Blacketer married Mary C. Lawson 16 Mar 1865
George H. Blacketer married Martha Jane Ferrell 10 Oct 1871
William R. Blacketer married Mary F. Wilson 09 Jan 1876
Joseph Blacklock married Mary Ann Mudd 02 Nov 1807
James B. Blackston married Nancy V. Pirtle 22 Oct 1828
William Blackwell married Sarah E. Sandusky 13 May 1830

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