White Family Buried at Rockbridge Baptist – Washington County

Elisha White, born March 24, 1828, died September 24, 1906.  Rockbridge Baptist Cemetery, Washington County, Kentucky

Elisha White is the son of Samuel Riley White and Martha Lewis.  He married Mary Elizabeth Armstrong March 4, 1847, in Washington County.  Their children included William, Elizabeth Jane R., Sarah M. and Nancy White.

Mary, wife of Lishey White, born October 4, 1828, died October 24, 1888.

Samuel White, September 16, 1837 – November 27, 1914.  His wife, Nancy E., October 25, 1843 – May 8, 1919.

Samuel White is also a son of Samuel and Martha, and a brother to Elisha.  He married Nancy Ellen Dean, a daughter of Henry and Winney Dean, January 12, 1865.

Elisha White, 1866-1946.  Betty J. White, 1871-1956.

Elisha White is a grandson of the first Elisha, and a son of William White and Mary Hill.  Elizabeth J. ‘Betty’ Gordon is a daughter of William Gordon and Mary E. Willis.  Elisha and Betty married October 20, 1887.  They had at least two children, Annie L. and Robert C. White.

Anna Lee White, January 29, 1890 – April 25, 1907, daughter of Elisha and Betty White.

Henry White, 1869-1952.  Rebecca White, 1881-1944.

Henry White is a son of Samuel Riley White and Nancy Ellen Dean.  He married Rebecca Young April 15, 1909.  I have found no children for this couple.  Henry’s first wife was Eliza Dean whom he married March 27, 1892.

John W. White, 1872-1929.

Martha A., wife of J. W. White, born December 17, 1876, died July 29, 1904.

Rockbridge Baptist Church and Cemetery is located on Rockbridge Church Road in rural northern Washington County.  If you take Hwy 555 north from Springfield, in about 13 miles turn right onto Hwy 1796.  In about a mile 1796 joins with Hwy 1754.  In another mile Hwy 1796 turns left.  In less than a mile Rockbridge Church Road is a right turn.  The cemetery is just down the road on the left.

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