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Newspaper Clipping From 1941 – Washington County

This clipping from an old newspaper has been kept by my family for seventy-seven years.  The notice of my great-great-grandmother’s death, Catherine Taylor Linton (the newspaper spelled it with a ‘K’), is the reason it still survives.  Catherine Elizabeth Taylor was the daughter of John Compton Taylor and Susan Clark Edwards.  She married Edward Edwards Linton, a cousin, March 20, 1852, in Washington County, Kentucky.  Edward’s parents were William Linton and Elizabeth Lyon Moran.  Catherine and Edward had eleven children – four who died at birth; Annie Eliza, Margaret Gordon, Mary Kell and Martha Susan, who all died before the age of 21.

Siblings John Edgar, Frances Barber and Alice Clark Linton.

Three children lived to adulthood – Alice and John Edgar, who never married, and Frances Barber, my great-grandmother, who married Robert E. Lee Montgomery, and had seven children, Mary Alice, my grandmother, Anna Margaret, Laura Frances, Lillian Catherine, Robert Lee, Edward Linton and Benjamin Montgomery.

1910 – 31 Years Ago – 1941

(From Files of The Springfield Sun, Wednesday, June 1, 1910)

Congressman Ben Johnson arrived from Washington this week and established headquarters in the Old Inn in Louisville, placing J. Rogers Gore in charges.  He is out to win the democratic nomination for Governor of Kentucky.

Miss Mary Leavell and Mr. George Walsh were married at the Seelbach Hotel in Louisville this afternoon and left immediately on a motor tour that will not end until September, when they will go to San Salvador to establish their home.  The bride is a sister of Mrs. Matt Mayes of this city.

The Central Kentucky Carriage Co., Danville, has closed a contract to erect a new wagonette for Grundy Orphanage at a cost of approximately $350.

Mrs. Edna McDowell Lowndes will establish a stock farm in Boyle County for the purpose of breeding and training saddle bred horses.

The mystery surrounding the disappearance of Alma Kellner in Louisville last December has been partially cleared by the finding of her body in the basement of St. John’s Church in Louisville.

Catherine Elizabeth Taylor Linton

On Friday, May 27, 1810, Mrs. Katherine Taylor Linton, age 80, died at her home in the county.  She is survived by three children, Edgar and Alice Linton and Mrs. R. L. Montgomery.  Services were conducted by Rev. W. H. Williams at the Baptist Church Sunday and interment was in Pleasant Grove Cemetery.

According to reports from Frankfort, a crowd of 10,000 is expected to attend the dedication of the capitol tomorrow, June 2, 1910.  3,000 are planning to go from Louisville.

Ed M. Russell handed us a rare specimen of a radish this week.  He raised the specimen in his own garden.  It resembles the body of a person, minus the head.

  1. B. Elliott and Miss Blanche Carpenter were married Wednesday, May 25, 1910, at the home of the Rev. W. P. Hatchett at Tatham Springs.

Rev. W. A. Wolff, pastor of the Christian Church here, will preach at the Valley Hill Schoolhouse Sunday afternoon, June 12.

Mrs. Bettie Hord has gone to Carlsbad, Texas, where she and son, John Hord, will have charge of a hotel.

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