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Page 58 of Roster Commanded By Captain Charles Lewis – Loudoun County, Virginia

This is page 58 of the Roster of the company commanded by Captain Charles Lewis, 57th Regiment, Virginia Militia, Loudoun County, Virginia.  These records are from 1793 to 1809, which make them after the Revolutionary War, but important information none-the-less.  I chose this page to order from the Historic Records and Deed Research from the Loudoun County Circuit Court.  I sent an email with the pages I wanted, they sent me a price, I mailed them a check and within a week or two my documents arrived.  You can have them copied in color, as I did, or black and white.  Check out their website.

I think perhaps the Moses Linton listed in Class 3 is the son of my Captain John Hancock Linton, who served during the Revolutionary War.

Class No. 3

  • Robert Henderson
  • Mosses Linton [Moses]
  • Jason Gowin
  • Zachariah Gowin
  • Joseph Wright
  • George Dar

Class No. 4

  • Thomas W. Balendine
  • John Hyler
  • James Bealeys
  • James Kerick
  • Anthony Thornton
  • William Frayer
  • James Gordon

Class No. 5

  • William Mason
  • John Stadley
  • George Harmon
  • Jacob Howdershelt
  • Israel Morris
  • John Atcher
  • John Shryock

Class No. 6

  • Christopher Minegar
  • William Harmon
  • Jonathan Swindler
  • Phillip Link
  • Francis Hogue
  • James Davis

Class No. 7

  • Absolum Hawley
  • Valentine Houser
  • Amos Howley
  • Charles Steven
  • Elias Cooper
  • Amos Bird

Class No. 8

  • John Davis
  • Robert Perry
  • Joseph Watson
  • Jeremiah Hawley
  • Peter Hessor
  • Andrew Boyle
  • Solomon Littleton

Class No. 9

  • William Jordan
  • John Gordon
  • Mathias Shryock
  • Robert Henwood
  • John Morris
  • Michael Howser

Class No. 10

  • Mosses Hough
  • Peter Atcher
  • John Davidson
  • John Moffatt
  • John Davis (Broad Run)
  • Anthony Hough


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