Alexander Cemetery Established 210 Years Ago – Ohio County

Alexander Cemetery, Ohio County, Kentucky

This beautiful little cemetery in Ohio County is in western Kentucky, about two and one-half miles north of Hartford, the county seat.  Ohio County was formed from Hardin County in 1799; earlier records would be found there.  Ritchey and I visited in October last year.  Every time I look at my photos from a particular cemetery, I realize there were several gravestones I missed – such as in this one.  But that leaves the hope of returning one day!

The Owensboro Messenger Sun, Daviess County, Kentucky

Sunday, February 26, 1922

Historic Cemetery In Ohio County That Was Established 115 Years Ago

Ohio County boasts an historic cemetery second to none in this section of the country.  It is known as Alexander’s Cemetery, located near Hartford, and has but recently been restored by interested citizens of the county, whose ancestors lie buried there.  The D.A.R. chapter took a leading part in the restoration of this ancient burying ground, now 115 years established.

In the year 1808 Col. Alexander Barnett deeded the property for the purpose of a cemetery.  Col. Barnett was a soldier in the Revolutionary army.  He served in the southern wing of the army, first with General Gates and subsequently under Gen. Nathaniel Green.  One of Col. Barnett’s brothers, Joseph, likewise served in the beginning of the war against Great Britain for the maintenance of the United States.  Until the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown they did not see one another and were unaware that they were living.

Mary Barnett departed this life 12th February 1814.

First Burial In 1814

Col. Barnett’s daughter, Mary, who was born in 1774 and died in 1814, was the first person known to have buried in the cemetery, six years after its establishment for that purpose.  Col Barnett himself was buried in the cemetery four years later.  He was born in Virginia in 1753.  The first couple married within the confines of Ohio County – Joseph Barnett and Jean Barnett, distant cousins – are buried in the cemetery.

Alexander Barnett departed this life 16th February 1819, aged 74 years.

Alexander Barnett’s wife, born in 1748, five years before her husband, and who survived him nine years, dying in 1827, is buried by his side.  Col. Barnett himself came to Kentucky in 1778 as a companion to Daniel Boone, and from various histories it appears the two men were well acquainted and participated in some spirited fighting with the Indians to maintain a foothold in what then was the ‘Dark and Bloody Ground.’

Jane Barnett departed this life 14th July 1825 aged 77 years.

Pioneers of This Section

It is from these ancestors that the large family of Barnett’s, of Ohio, as well as Daviess and nearby counties are descended.  They were the pioneers of this section of the state.  In the ancient cemetery, which has been restored, freshened and beautified by the descendants of those ‘old-timers’ one sees the names of Ford, Tinsley, Steven and Allen with recurring frequency.  A. M. Barnett, of Hartford, in the latter part of 1920 began enlisting various descendants of the pioneers of the county in the project of reviving the old cemetery.  His efforts met a ready response and today with the markers revived and those that had decayed being replaced by bright new ones, the gravestones and more pretentious monuments freshened or replaced, the cemetery has been made a place of beauty.

When the cemetery is surrounded by the pretty iron fence which is in course of erection the decendants feel that they will have paid a long due debt of respect to their celebrated ancestors.

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  1. Thanks for this nice piece!!!! I recently made arrangements with folks here for my wife and I to be buried in Alex Cemetery and found them to be warm, gracious and friendly. This was my 3GGrandfather. V Barnett

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