Old Wills

1882 Will of Harvey D. Wade – Simpson County

Will of Harvey D. Wade

Simpson County Will Book 2, Pages 83-85

I, Harvey D. Wade, of Simpson County, State of Kentucky, being conscious of the certainty of death and the uncertainty of human life do make and publish this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all others in the following manner and form to wit.

I will that all of my personal expenses be paid.

I will to my beloved wife Pauline S. Wade a certain track and parcel of land lying east of Drake’s Creek and on the north side of the lower Scottsville Road, leading from Franklin to Scottsville, Kentucky, and being the same land conveyed to me on the 10th day of March 1882 by Nancy Cushenberry, Kate Cushenberry and others, heirs of said Nancy Cushenberry.

Also, the house and lot lying in Franklin, Simpson County, Kentucky, on which I now live and the same

conveyed to me and my said wife, Pauline, S., on the 23rd day of March 1880 and continuing about two more acres, also any and all other real estate that I now own or may own at my death.

I also will to my said wife, Pauline S., all of my personal estate of every kind and description whether in money, notes, bonds, shares in auction house, whole kitchen furniture or other things intended in this bequest.

I hereby name and appoint my wife, Pauline S. Wade, Executrix of this my last will and testament with the solemn instructions to the judge of the probate court that no security is to be required of her as executrix of this will.

Witness my signature this 12th day of June 1882.

Harvey D. Wade

Witness John H. Smith, W. Milliken

I Harvey S. Wade, being of sound and disposing memory, do hereby make and publish the codicil as a part and parcel of the foregoing will.

First.  If not done during my lifetime it is my will that my executrix named in my will shall erect or cause to be erected on our lot in the cemetery at Franklin, Kentucky, where our children are buried, a suitable monument with appropriate inscriptions, not to cost less than one thousand dollars.

Given under my hand this the 24th day of January 1898.

Harvey D. Wade

Signed and acknowledged in the presence of George C. Harris, W. B. Douglass, witnesses.

My wife and I have contracted for a suitable monument for one lot in the cemetery and I do not require anything more.  March 23, 1908

Harvey D. Wade

Witness, George C. Harris

State of Kentucky, Simpson County Court

November Term, November 20, 1911

J. C. McGill, clerk of the Simpson County Court, certify that the foregoing instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Harvey D. Wade, deceased, was this day produced in open court and offered for probate, then came C. W. Milliken, one of the witnesses to the original will, who being sworn testified thereto in the presence of John H. Smith, the other witness thereto, who is now deceased, and that said Harvey D. Wade executed the same as his last will and testament and was capable so to do, then came W. B. Douglass and George C. Harris, the witnesses to the codicil thereto to the said last will and testament to probate and record as and for the last will and testament whereupon the same was ordered to probate and record as and for the last will and testament of Harvey D. Wade, deceased, which is done.

Witness my hand this November 20, 1911

J. C. McGill, C.S.C.C. by C. Saunders, D. C.

To read more about this family, including obituaries and cemetery photos – Confederate Soldier Buried In Green Lawn Cemetery.

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  1. Trying to find any researcher on Philip Creekmore/ Creekmur. B 1805 Norfolk, Virginia. Looking for inferred wife who may have passed in Logan Co Kentucky, or when Philip started heading to Logan Co, Illinois. He had at least 4 children born in the early 1830 ‘s ., Logan Co, Kentucky. They came with him to Illinois. He remarries in 1850 and passes in the year of 1853, Illinois. Wondering if their might be some family still living in and around this area.
    Addy is cathys1823@gmail.com. Hope to find someone.
    Appreciate any thoughts,

  2. I believe Harvey Wade was a son of Bartlet Wade and Permelia Dixon. The reason I believe this, is that in 1850, there was only one Wade Household in Simpson County: B. Wade and P. Wade. On that census, they had a son H. Wade, and his age fits Harvey Wade.

    Bartlet got his first land in Allen County, 1826. Harvey was living in Newton County Missouri with his Uncle Henry Wade.

    Old Henry was born 1820 in Allen County. The only Wade households in Allen County during 1820 were those of Tignal Wade, and his son John Wade.

    John Wade was my 5th Great Grandfather.

    Thank you for posting this information.

    John Wade
    A Tennessean living in Texas

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