Stewart’s Creek Baptist Cemetery List – Marion County

Stewart’s Creek Baptist Church and Cemetery.

Today I share with you a list of the gravestones in Stewart’s Creek Baptist Church in west-central Marion County, located on Stewart’s Creek Road, just off Hwy 412.

Edmond Summers Burdette, January 30, 1927 – March 19, 2006.  Patricia Violette Burdette, March 8, 1930 –

The location is beautiful, out in the country with scenes of farms and ponds all around.  There are 85 people listed.

gravestones stewarts creek

This church is where my grandparents and their children came for Sunday services.  The cemetery is near and dear to my heart because I have many Hill family members buried here.

Jessie D. Hill, August 8, 1894 – April 13, 1974.  Nannie B. Hill, December 30, 1894 – August 6, 1983.

This is the final resting place of my grandparents, Jessie Delbert and Nannie Bell Coulter Hill; my aunt, Catherine Hill Nalley; my uncle and aunt, Thomas C. ‘Doc’ and Emma Hill, and several cousins.

David Miller, born January 10, 1799, died September 4, 1878.  Elmira Miller, born January 16, 1809, died September 29, 1891.

Some of the oldest buried in this cemetery are members of the Ray family, the Miller family and the Harding family.

Francis Ray, Sr., born, May 6, 1770, died July 11, 1848.  Rosanah C., wife of Francis Ray, born October 11, 1774, died September 15, 1837.

When I have time, I will add photos to this post, but wanted you to have the Excel list now.

Terry L. Johnson, 1951 – , Katherine L. Johnson, 1954-1996.

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  1. my grandfather and grandmother are buried in Stewarts Creek. Paul and Maggie Wright.

    • Was this church always named Stewarts Creek? I am looking for the church that was named after Leila and Otis Mouser in Marion County. Thanks for any information.

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