Marriage Records

Howard – Burch Marriage Bond – Marion County

Another marriage bond of Marion County – after the July 1863 burning of the Courthouse by General John Hunt Morgan.  This marriage bond is a bit unusual since the bride and groom are 66 and 48 years of age; this is a third marriage for John Howard and a second marriage for Charity Burch.  The wedding took place on September 8, 1863, at Mrs. John Blandford’s.  Could this be the maiden name of the bride – perhaps married at her mother’s home?  The parents of both the bride and groom were born in Maryland – names like Howard, Mudd and Blandford were probably from the Maryland to Kentucky Catholic progress that started in the late 1700’s.

Notice that the bond amount is $100 compared to the 50 pounds previously required.

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  1. Im looking for information on Elijah Utterback and Mary Polly Garnett in Woodford county Kentucky and Issac Bill Austin and Nancy. Jane Fox in Whitley county

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