Old Photos

Photographs by Rabineau – Albany, NY

I have four photographs to share today, all taken by Rabineau Photography at 9 & 11 North Pearl Street, Albany, New York.

This woman is quite lovely in her high-collared dress – white ruffles and lace just touching her chin.  She wears a beautiful pin at her throat, and the buttons and embroidery are very decorative.

It’s impossible to say, but I think this is one family.  All four backs are the same, as in the photo above.

In the 1880’s men’s coats were more narrow and form fitting.  Lapels were narrow and small, as the coat was made to be closed high at the throat – barely showing the necktie.

These last two photos are probably mother and daughter.  They both have high collars, although not quite to the extent as the first photograph.  They sport a black lace shawl.  Their hairstyles are similar and I love their jaunty earrings.

It is hard to be exact on the date of these photos since we do not have a full length photo of the women’s dresses, but I believe the 1880’s is spot on.  What do you think?

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  1. Yes I think 1880’s sounds right. And I love the last picture of the daughters earrings too!

  2. I am very excited by these beautiful old portraits.The people seem to become alive

    through the photographers lens.I have two leather bound albums with brass hinges to close.

    Some how I managed to inherit them and I would like to know more about these distant relatives.

    The above photos resemble the ones I have very accurately.The era of dress ,hairstyle,jewelry,

    the male suiting and barely a smile on their face,is exactly what I have.I would like more info if possible Thank You ER

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