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1832 Louisville Directory – Jefferson County

The Louisville Directory for the Year 1832, by Richard W. Otis, is one of my finds while in Cincinnati.  In addition to the directory is a large map of the city.  You can take one of the addresses below and plot it on the map.  The abbreviations below help to find the position of the address on the map.  I did not add the four directions – thought you could figure those out!  When an ‘s’ is added to north, south, east or west it donates north side, etc.  If you want to plot the Flying Horses exhibition w s 3d b Market and Jefferson, it would read ‘on the west side of 3rd Street between Market and Jefferson’.  In certain instances a residence and shop are listed.  Many shop owners and their families lived above their place of business.

Included are the entries beginning with ‘F’ – completely chosen at random.  If you took just this one group of citizens you would have everything you need to survive – doctors, bakers, stone cutters, an actor, grocers, hackmen, magistrates, bricklayers, carpenters, watchmaker, blacksmiths, attorneys, mate, butchers, clothiers, wagonmakers, draymen, bookseller, boarding house proprietor, brewer, clerk, engineer and plane maker.

I checked the 1832 Louisville newspapers and found a few ads from several of the following companies.

Abbreviations – b between, r residence, n near, c corner

  • Stephen Fagan, Brook b Main and Market
  • Harvey Fairbanks, n s Jefferson b 9th and 10th
  • John Falloure, baker, at W. Ferguson’s, 3d
  • Jesse S. Fallus, stone cutter, e s 8th b Walnut and Grayson
  • Edmond Fanning, at Flemming & Chappel’s
  • Farmer’s Fire Insurance & Loan Co., W. S. Vernon, agent office n s Main b 5th and 6th
  • William Farquhar, collector, n s Green c 5th
  • Samuel T. Farish at Bown & Young’s
  • John Farrar, n s Market n Jackson
  • John Farrell, grocer, n s Main n 10th
  • John Feese, grocer, s s Market n 5th
  • & C. Fellowes & Co. dry goods, c Main and Wall
  • William Fellowes, (W. & C. F. & C.) r c Jefferson and 4th
  • Cornelius Fellowes, (W. & C. F. & C.) c Jefferson and 4th
  • Philip Felten, shoemaker, n s Main n 10th
  • Hugh Ferguson, grocer, r c Market and 5th
  • Ferguson & Harbison, dry goods, c Market and 5th
  • John K. Ferguson at Hyman’s Coffee House
  • Ferguson & Co. steam grist mill, Washington b Floyd and Brook
  • Ferguson & Hendricks, Booth’s tobacco warehouse, 2d n Main
  • William Ferguson, baker, e s 3d b Main and Market
  • Worden H. Ferguson, at W. G. Bakewell’s
  • Richard Ferguson, physician, n s Market b 2d and 3d
  • Richard W. Ferguson, physician, n s Market b 2d and 3d
  • Andrew Ferguson, hackman, n s Green b Centre and 7th
  • James Ferguson, magistrate, s s Grayson b 8th and 9th
  • Daniel Fetter, at James Hughes’, Main n 3d
  • George Fetter, at post office
  • Roderick Fetter, at post office
  • James Y. Fetter, at U S Bank, r Mrs. Barney’s, Market n 4th

  • Silas Field, dry goods, s s Main near 4th
  • Silas Field, r Jefferson b 6th and 7th
  • Stark Fielder, r Main b 1st and 2nd
  • Benjamin Figg, drayman, Hancock b Jefferson and Walnut
  • William Firth, watchmaker, e s 3d near Main
  • Fisher & Wilcox, milliners, n s Main near 6th
  • John Fisher, wagoner, s s Main b Hancock and Jakcson
  • John L. Fisher, boarding house, n s Main n 2d
  • William Fitch, physician, at P. M. Carey’s Main
  • B. Fitch at J. Reinhard & Son’s
  • Rosivelle Fitch, merchant, 5th b Main and Market
  • James Fitzpatrick, hackman, n s Main n 10th
  • John Fitzpatrick, saddler n s Green b Centre and 7th
  • Luke Flannagen, founder, n s Main b 9th and 10th
  • James Flaherty, wagonmaker, w s Market b Brook and Floyd
  • Robert Flemming, carpenter, 2d n Water
  • William Flemming, blacksmith, r n s Market b 8th and 9th
  • William Flemming, blacksmith, shop, 9th b Market and Jefferson
  • Flemming & Chappell, coopers, s s Market n 6th
  • James Flemming, r 7th b Main & Market
  • Monroe Flemming, r 2d b Main and Market
  • Henry Fletcher, jeweler, s s Main b 4th and 5th
  • Y. Fleury at G. W. Barclay & Co.’s
  • Flying Horses (exhibition) w s 3d b Market and Jefferson
  • Daniel B. Foanes, carpenter, s s Jefferson b 9th and 10th
  • Richard Fonks, bricklayer, n s Market n 1st
  • W. Fontaine, attorney, w s Jefferson c 6th
  • Massena Fontaine, city inspector, s s Grayson b 7th and 8th
  • Aaron H. Forceman, mate, e s 10th b Main and Market
  • W. Ford (F. Adams & Co.)

  • S. & J. B. Forde, auctioneers, n s Main c Wall
  • B. Forde, r Green b 4th and 5th
  • S. Forrest, actor, n s Jefferson b 3d and 4th
  • William Forsyth, butcher, Chestnut b 10th and 11th

  • Forsyth & Co., merchants, c Water and 3d

  • Henry H. Forsyth (F. & Co.) r Green c 3e
  • Mather Forsyth, n s Market n 1st
  • Forsyth & Baker, merchants, w s 4th b Main and Market
  • Thomas Forsyth (F. & Baker) r n s Market b 6th and 7th
  • H. Foster, grocer, s s Main b 6th and 7ty
  • Foster at H. Ainsley & Co’s, 7th
  • Kennedy Foster, clothier, c Wall and Water
  • Kennedy Foster, clothier, c Water and Bullitt
  • Kennedy Foster, clothier, r Jefferson b 2d and 3d
  • P. Foster, boarding house, 2d 2 doors north Green
  • Thomas Fox, stonemason, Water b 3d and 4th
  • John Fox, brewer, n s Main b 7th and 8th
  • Fox, n s market b Brook and 1st
  • Alfred Fox, carpenter, at E. Yager’s 8th
  • Franklin Seminary, s s main b 1st and Brook
  • Robert Frazer, bookseller, s s Main b5th and 6th
  • Robert Frazer, r Jefferson b 8th and 9th
  • Washington Freeland, engineer, e s 5th b Jefferson and Market
  • Daniel Freeman, carpenter, 4th n Green
  • John Fretnell, clerk, r Columbian Inn
  • Jacob Friddle, drayman, alley b Jefferson and Market and Preston and Jackson
  • Thomas Fugate, r Grayson b 7th and 8th
  • Fugate & Connover, plane makers, e s Wall b Main and Water
  • William Fulton, baker, s s Main b 7th and 8th
  • Fulton Foundry, s s Main b 9th and 10th

  • Jacob Funk, boat dealer, Water n 4th
  • Henry Fust, butcher, c Jefferson and Hancock
  • Jacob Fuzzelbaugh, dryer, 6th n Market

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  1. Oh, you were so close. My gparents lived in Louisville. Ed Korb and brothers. They ran a wallpaper and linoleum store. If I had my information with me I could give the direct address. Market, 3rdstreet and 4th street sound familiar. But then of course they are long streets!

  2. Thanks so much. Stephen Fagan was my 4th great grandfather. I knew he lived in Louisville with his wife Catherine Stevens prior to moving to Saline, Arkansas. He was the father of Confederate General James Fleming Fagan. Now I know exactly where he and his family lived in Louisville during that time. Thanks again!

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