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Lamkin Family of Hart County

Hammondsville Cemetery, Hammonville, Hart County, Kentucky

While in Hartford County Ritchey and I visited three cemeteries.  With a 2007 population of 2006, the small town of Hammonville – no ‘d’ or ‘s’ as per the cemetery sign – it is almost impossible to get lost.  Hwy 357 runs through the middle of the town, and the cemetery is located beside Three Forks Bacon Creek Baptist Church, on the right side of the road.  However you must turn right on Hammonville-Jonesville Road to turn in to the cemetery, but it is easily seen from Hwy 357.  There we found gravestones for Jeremiah Lamkin, his wife Sarah Amanda Bomar, his son William Henry Lamkin and wife, Susan A. Highbaugh – and so many more family members.

Jeremiah Lamkin was born August 13, 1791, in Halifax County, Virginia.  wife Sarah Amanda Bomar was born in Virginia June 8, 1800.  The couple married January 28, 1819, in Hardin County, Kentucky, by Thomas Whitman.

In the 1850 census of Hart County, Jeremiah is 58, born in Virginia, a farmer.  Sarah is 48, also born in Virginia.  Living with the couple were the following children:  James A., 20; Martha, 16; Alexander, 16; John, 12; Sarah Frances, 9; William, 9; and Melissa, 6.

In 1860 John, Sarah Frances, William and Melissa are still at home.  In 1870 Jeremiah and Sarah share their home with Hazel, 11 – a granddaughter?

Jeremiah Lamkin, born August 13, 1791, died February 23, 1877.

Sarah, wife of Jeremiah Lamkin, born June , 180, died December 14, 1880.  ‘A faithful wife and mother dear, In sweet repose is sleeping here.  Her painful loss we deeply fell, But God can all our sorrows heal.’

A list of the children of Jeremiah Lamkin and Sarah Bomar:

  1. Mary Jane Lamkin, August 26, 1821-December 9, 1896, married a Mr. Dye.  Died in Larue County.
  2. Thomas Jefferson Lamkin, July 7, 1823-September 16, 1917.  Died in Jasper County, Illinois.
  3. Willis Lamkin, 128-January 30, 1903.
  4. James Andrew Lamkin, January 7, 1829-January 31, 1917.  Died in Larue County.
  5. Nancy Lamkin, August 7, 1830-June 28, 1920.  Died in Floyd County, Indiana.
  6. Martha Lamkin, October 5, 1834-March 21, 1916.
  7. John J. Lamkin, March 10, 1836-October 19, 1898.  Died in Larue County.
  8. Sarah Frances Lamkin, February 27, 1838-after 1860.
  9. William Henry Lamkin, July 25, 1840-June 18, 1927.
  10. Melissa Lamkin, August 31, 1842-April 1, 1920.

William H. Lamkin, July 25, 1840-June 18, 1927.  SUsan A. Highbaugh, August 31, 1842-November 15, 1933.

Son William Henry Lamkin married Susanna “Gilly” Ann Highbaugh July 16, 1861, at her mother’s home.  They were 21 and 19 respectively.  Susanna was the daughter of Isaac Highbaugh and Huldah Owen.  In the census for 1870 William and his family live next door to his parents, Jeremiah and Sarah.  His household includes William, 30; Susannah H., 26; son Jeremiah, 6; daughters Martha M., 3, and Huldah H., 1.  Susannah’s mother Huldah Highbaugh, 57, is also living there, husband Isaac Highbaugh passed away twenty years hence.

Isaac Highbaugh, born August 17, 1807, died August 14, 1850.

In the 1850 census Isaac, 43, and Huldah Highbaugh, 37, are living in Hart County with the following children:  Robert David Francis, 21; William Jasper, 17; Charles Edward, 14; Virginia Catherine, 12; George Colmore, 10; Gilly A. (Susannah), 8; Nancy Elizabeth, 5; and Martha Belinda, 2.  Most of the younger children still lived with their mother ten years later.

Huldah A., wife of Isaac Highbaugh, born October 13, 1813, died January 27, 1887.

J. A. Lamkin, January 7, 1829-January 31, 1917, son of Jeremiah and Sarah Bomar Lamkin.

Nannie M., wife of J. A. Lamkin, January 23, 1851 – January 1, 1909.


I thought I’d share this photo to give you an idea how I write my notes – different colored inks help!



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  1. Good Morning!
    I read with interest your post on Jeramiah Lamkin. Do you know if he had a younger sister named Margaret (Peggy) ? She was born 25 April, 1798 in Virginia, and lived in Hardin County Kentucky. This would be my 3G Grandmother. Married Elias Ray. Her father’s name was George, and mother was a Rutledge.
    Thank you
    Mike Ray

  2. Hi,
    Don’t know if I missed it but did not see a reply to my question on the Lamkin post of June 25th. Any expansion on siblings of Jeramiah Lamkin would be most appreciated.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Jeremiah Lamkin was my 15th great-grandfather. Charles Nathan Lamkin is my father(b: 02/20/1946-present day)

    • Hi,
      Thanks for the comment. Do you know the names of Jeremiah Lamkin’s parents. According to your comment, that would be your 16th GGF.
      Thank you

      • Parents of Jeremiah Lamkin

        John B Lamkin

        Circa 1766
        Charlotte, Virginia, United States

        Circa 1817
        Hardin, Kentucky, United States

        Ann Ferguson

        Birth: Circa 1768
        Charlotte, Virginia, British Colonial America

        Death: Deceased

        Marriage: March 23, 1789
        Halifax, Virginia, United States

        And I stand corrected Jeremiah Lamkin is my 3rd Cousin Four Times Removed-Not my 16th GGF.

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