Pisgah Presbyterian Cemetery – Woodford County, Kentucky


Pisgah Presbyterian Cemetery – Woodford County, Kentucky

Pisgah Presbyterian Church is sitting in the county of Woodford on thirty acres of beautiful land, just off US60 on Pisgah Pike.  Just turn at “The Castle“.  The cemetery is to the left of the church, in the midst of tall, old trees and beautiful green grass.  When we visited in April the grass was strewn with purple violets and tiny white flowers.  It was a delight to walk amidst the old gravestones with the tiny flower offerings as a plush carpet!  Pisgah Church was formed in 1784, erected in 1812 and remodeled in 1868.  What a history!  Many of the graves are very old, with at least four Revolutionary War veterans that I could find.  Ritchey and I will return later to take the rest of the photos, but I’m happy to share the following with you.


Samuel Burrier, born February 2, 1804, died October 2, 1881


Rebecca, daughter of John and R. Burrier, born November 3, 1813, died July 20, 1884


William Kinkead, January 9, 1736 – May 3, 1821, Captain, American Revolutionary War, son of Thomas and Margaret Kinkead, married November 30, 1756, August County, Virginia, to Eleanor Guy, August 17, 1740 – October 9, 1825.  Indian Captive, 1764.


  • Margaret 1757-1764, died in Indian captivity
  • Andrew 1760-1764, died in Indian captivity
  • Isabella1762-1833
  • Andrew 1764-1824, born in captivity
  • Agnes “Nancy” 1766-
  • William 1769-1855
  • Eleanor 1771-
  • Margaret 1772-
  • Susanna 1775-1818
  • Guy 1779-1818
  • Rebecca 1782-
  • John 1784-1855

Read more about Eleanor Guy Kinkead as an Indian captive.


Alexander Black, Revolutionary War soldier, 1752-1827.  Nancy Black, 1766-1818


George Waltz, born October 18, 1801, died July 11, 1876.  Mary, wife of George Waltz, born May 6, 1806, died July 19, 1876.


Joseph Bartholomew, a Revolutionary War soldier, 1756-1812


Elizabeth, wife of William McPheeters, born May 4, 1773, died August 11, 1803


William Garrett, a Revolutionary War soldier


Elizabeth Garrett, died February 21, 1840, aged 88 years


James R. Stevenson, born February 16, 1818, died January 17, 1871.  Sarah Caroline, wife of James R. Stevenson, born January 17, 1828, died May 21, 1851


Alexander Smith, a Revolutionary War soldier, 1745-?.  Jane Smith, 1755-1817

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  1. My husband’s relative is William Kinkead who is buried at the Pisgah Presbyterian Cemetery. I have visited 2 times now and I hope to visit again soon. It is a beautiful place. I love horses and this church and cemetery are right in the middle of beautiful horse country. My daughter-in-law found William Kinkead through her interest in geneology. My husband’s ancestors moved to Ripley, Ohio from Kentucky.

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