Family Stories

John L. Edwards, Executor

Note by Phyllis Brown:  John L. Edwards is my 3rd great-uncle.  His father, Edward Barber Edwards, is my 4th great-grandfather.

John L. Edwards, Executor

John L. Edwards was the oldest son of Edward Barber Edwards and Nancy Linton.  He, and all but one of his siblings, was born in Loudoun County, Virginia, before the family made the move to Washington County, Kentucky, in 1816.  From the court records, “November 27, 1816, Edward B. Edwards made oath he removed to Kentucky with intention to become a citizen, that he brought with him four slaves named:  Stephen, Hannah, Poland & Charles and not with intention to sell.  S:  D. Rodman, Washington County Justice of Peace.”

Unfortunately, Edward did not live long after arriving in their new homeland.  He died in 1824, between January 16th, the date of his will, and March 8th, when it was probated at the Washington County Courthouse.

I think it remarkable to have this scrap of paper from that long ago – a small reminder of a day and time much different from ours.

Any thoughts?

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