Family Stories

Uncle Ned and Baby Alice

Alice Clark Linton and Edward ‘Ned’ Taylor

This is another of the old photos that Aunt Lil gave me.  Until just a few days ago I was confused about the names pasted on the outside of the ‘little black and red velvet box’ this picture is in.  It has gold filigree in a decorative oval that covers the sides of the picture.  I couldn’t understand how Alice Clark Linton, older  sister to my great-grandmother, Frances Barber Linton Montgomery, could be holding her Uncle Ned.  To me the person sitting in the chair looked like they were wearing a woman’s skirt.  But when the gold filigree was removed to scan the photo it was very evident that it is a man – Edward ‘Ned’ Taylor – brother to Catherine Elizabeth Taylor Linton, mother to Alice and Frances.  Now everything made sense!

Notice how beautiful this photo is – you can click on it once or twice and it will enlarge.  There is just a bloom of rosy cheeks on baby Alice.  Her dress looks like it is made with a beautiful satin material.  Uncle Ned is trying to carefully hold her head still while the photo is taken.  You can’t see much of him except his hands – long fingers.  But I can detect a gentleness about him – caring for his niece.

Alice Clark Linton was born October 2, 1855.  She is probably two in this photo.  1857 or thereabout was when this photo – and several others I have – were most likely taken.  Ned Taylor left a short time afterwards with his father, John Cotton Taylor, his stepmother Susan, brother Benjamin Springer Taylor and his family, and sister Margaret Ann for Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  Unfortunately, Ned died in Missouri, five years after this picture was made, in 1862.  You can read more about this family in a June post.

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  1. Folks always looked so sad in pictures taken in those days. Even the children….. guess they weren’t encouraged to “say cheese”.
    You can definitely see the tenderness he has toward his niece.

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