Family Stories

Biography of J. T. Tygret

History of Kentucky by W. H. Perrin, J. H. Battle and G. C. Kniffin

Warren County

J. T. Tygret

J. T. Tygret, county assessor of Warren County, was born near Bowling Green in 1849.  He is a son of John and Ellender (Hays) Tygret, and is of Irish ancestry.  His parents were both born in Warren County, and were long and favorably known in this part of the state.  J. T. Tygret grew to manhood on the farm where he was born.  He was principally educated at the country schools, but spent a short time at the Lexington schools.  At nineteen years of age he began teaching school, and followed that profession for four years; engaged in farming, which occupation he has since continued.  He is a Democrat.  In 1878 he was elected assessor of Warren County, and re-elected in 1882.  For seven years he has successfully filled that office to the complete satisfaction of the people of Warren County.  Mr. Tygret married, in 1875, Fannie Ritchey, a native of Missouri.  Four children were born to this union:  Wade H., Mary F., Alexander F. and Fannie K.  He is a member of the I. O. O. F. and K. of H.  Mrs. Tygret is a member of the Christian Church.  Mr. Tygret has made his own way in life, and is a successful and enterprising citizen of Warren County.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I just discovered this week that my brick wall ancestor Helen Fannie (Burnett) Williamson was the daughter of Mary Jane Tygret who was the daughter of John and Ellen Tygret and the sister to John (J.T.). With your post, I now have the first hint of Ellen’s maiden name. Thanks again for sharing. If you’d like to get in touch with me, I’d sure love to know more about this side of my family. By the way, Mary Jane Tygret is my 3rd great grandmother.

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