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Obituary of Martha Bohon

The Sayings, Harrodsburg, Kentucky

Wednesday, March 18, 1896

Mrs. Martha Bohon, widow of the late Squire Ben F. Bohon, and sister of Mrs. Mary McFatridge and Mr. Abram Kirby, died, late last Friday  night.  She was married forty years since and lived for many years in Woodford County, near Versailles.  More than twenty-six years ago, she was summoned to the death bed of her mother, Mrs. Francis Kirby, and then received an injury from a fall that so crippled her in her hips that never afterwards was she able to walk.  For more than fifty years she was a devoted member of the Presbyterian Church and a consecrated Christian.  She, during her long confinement, bore up with patience and resignation, and ever had a smile for the loved ones that so kindly and affectionately attended to her every want.  She was almost seventy-five years old at the time of her death and was ready and willing to go “where there is no sickness and the weary are at rest”.  The funeral was conducted Sunday afternoon, at the home of Mrs. Mary McFatridge, by Rev. J. G. Hunter, D.D., pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, and the interment was in the old family grave-yard, in accordance with her own request.

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