George William Linton, Gravestone

George William Linton was the son of Benjamin Burkett Linton and Nancy Jane Newman,  He was born in Logan County, Kentucky, January 10, 1865 – he was the tenth of eleven children.  His brothers and sisters were John Wesley, Thomas Alvey, James Newman, Lucy Ann, Susan C., Benjamin Franklin, Fountain P., Addaline, Louella C and Lillian Mae Linton.  His oldest brother, John Wesley, was a Confederate soldier during the Civil War, before George was born.

George married Etta Mortimore May 16, 1894, in Logan County.  They had two children, Ruby and Harold.

George died July 27, 1910, and was buried in Bibb’s Chapel Cemetery (many Linton’s are buried here).  At this time the cemetery is over-run with trees, vines, mosquitoes and ticks – and sink holes!  When we were there 7 years ago this was the best picture we could get.  It is dark in the cemetery due to all the overgrowth, and very crowded with all the brush.  This is a beautiful stone – very unusual that the first and last names are curved!  After much enlargement and help from Ritchey we finally deciphered the epitaph:

  Dear Willie thou hast left us, To battle all alone, Yet hope so in a day to see you, Around God’s golden throne

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    • Terry, I visited your website and noticed that in your Linton line you have ‘de’Linton in several of the names. My great-grandmother, Frances Barber Linton, thought Captain John Hancock Linton’s father was William de Linton. I have since found that is not true, but thought there were some de Linton’s in existence. Perhaps this was where she was pulling information, although the wives names she had listed were not the same as yours! Just an interesting fact! I’m going to CC this to Facebook just in case you don’t see this reply.

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