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Garrard County, Kentucky, Census Records

1850 Garrard County, Kentucky, Census Records

732/771     Hill, Russell   36     Farmer     2430

  • Delila     27
  • Frederick     8
  • Will P.     6
  • Sally Ann     4
  • Elizabeth E.     2
  • James     12

733/772     McMannis, William     70   Pauper & Blind

  • Scott, Jenny     50     Pauper
  • Mills, Maglin     50     Pauper
  • English, Rachael     10     Pauper
  • McCormack, Will     40     Pauper
  • Brady, John     66

734/773     Hill, Frederick     38     Farmer

  • Jane     36
  • John     16
  • James     14
  • Russell     12
  • Mary     10
  • Jesse     8
  • Lucy     6
  • Jane     4
  • George     3
  • Eliza     2

735/774     Hays, John     37     Farmer     700

  • Mary     30
  • James     8
  • Catherine     6
  • Alexander     4
  • Elzina     2
  • Will     5/12

736/775     Gill, Samuel     38     Farmer

  • Cely     28
  • Malinda     12
  • John     9
  • Alexander     7
  • Catherine     5
  • Samuel     2

737/776     Storms, Catherine A.     40     720

  • James R.     16     Farmer     2250
  • Robert H.     14
  • Sally O.     12
  • Conrad     10
  • George H.     7
  • Jonathan W.     4

738/777     Murphy, James     50     Farmer     2250

  • Paulina     39
  • William     24
  • John     22
  • James     17
  • Daniel     15
  • Sarah Jane     13
  • Francis M.     8
  • Elzina     4
  • Vicilla     2

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  1. I think this is a wonderful website, —especially if I have found my Lewis connection which is Samuel Lewis who later married Plotemia Harvey or (Harvie).
    But the date of birth is similar so how can I find more about the one who married Rebecca Hardin?

      • My brick wall: Samuel Lewis. I have my lineage and it ends in Pittsylvania VA. I thought perhaps – when I saw Samuel Lewis married Rebecca Hardin in the Washington Co., Ky. you had on the website, I would check it out. I also see a Martha Lewis. Just wondered if a connection might be possible as the date of marriage would work out He died in 1823. I have his will, etc.

      • There is no Samuel Lewis in the 1850 census of Washington County. In 1860 Samuel, 27, is living in Willisburg with his wife, Rebecca, 19, with his mother-in-law Drusilla Hardin – she has children Mary, Milly, William, Thomas, Mark and Nancy C. In the marriage record of Samuel Lewis and Rebecca Hardin they are married at her mother’s house, with William Hardesty, Sr., James Lynch and Daniel Lewis as witnesses. I hope this helps!

  2. Hi My name is Corey Armstrong and my Great great great grandfather was Russell Hill Born is Garrard co. in 1833. He married Catharine Willard in Anderson co. on Dec. 21 1854. I’m trying to find out if the Russell Hill son of Frederick Hill is my Great great great grandfather. I would love to hear from you. Thanks

    • Yes, I think the Russell Hill who married Catharine Willard in Anderson County is the son of Frederick Hill and Jane Murphy. Fred was shot during the tobacco house fight on March 13, 1852. Even though most say he died that same day with his two brothers, Russell and Isaiah, that is not true. He lived a few months (he appears in court during the beginning of the trial proceedings, but later in the records it says he had passed away at that point). I do know that Jane Murphy Hill moved her family to Anderson County after the death of her husband.

  3. Thank you so much!! My grandfather told me when I started doing my reseach that he thought there was someone in his family that had been shot.He said the family never talked about it. I told my grandfather about the names in this family and he said we had to be kin to them. He had a Uncle Jesse and a Uncle Russell he grandfather was named James. From my research they settled in the town of Avonstoke in Anderson co. That is were my grandfather was born. I would love to visit the Hill graveyard in Garrard co. Is Frederick hill buried there?

  4. Ok, thank you. We don’t know where his wife and son Russell are buried ether. We have heard of a Hill graveyard in Anderson Co. too. My grandfather Herbert Hill knows where it is. We think that is where they are buried because Russell’s son James my great great grandfather owned the property.

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