Family Stories

Edward P. McFatridge, Obituary

from The Sayings, Harrodsburg, Kentucky

Wednesday, January 8, 1896


Mr. Edward P. McFatridge died suddenly, Tuesday morning about 9 o’clock, at his home about two miles from Harrodsburg, on the Louisville pike, the immediate cause of death being heart failure.  The deceased had been sick nearly three months, having contracted scarlet fever while nursing his children, who were afflicted with that disease, but as long as three weeks ago he seemed to be entirely recovered from the fever, though complaining more or less of being unwell at times.  Since Saturday last, he complained more than for some weeks previous, but was still able to get around his premises.  On the morning of his death, he went out to the smoke house, built a fire, walked back into his home, and immediately laid down, remarking to his wife that he felt very sick, and requesting her to call assistance if he did not immediately get better.  Mrs. McFatridge asked Mr. Clem Crane to assist her in attending her husband, but when they got to his bedside they found him suffering intensely with cramps.  Half an hour later he was dead.  He leaves a wife and three children, a mother, Mrs. Rebecca McFatridge, and a brother, Mr. Will S.  Mr. McFatridge was a son of Harvey and Rebecca McFatridge, and at the time of his death was forty-four years of age.  He married Miss Fannie Talbot, daughter of Mr. George Talbot, of McAfee, this county.  Two daughters and a son resulted from their union, the eldest of whom is eleven, and the youngest, five years.  The deceased was a kind and indulgent father.  Funeral services, conducted by Rev. W. B. McGartity, will be held at the Baptist church at 11 o’clock, tomorrow, Thursday, morning, after which the remains will be interred in Spring Hill Cemetery.

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