Family Stories

Inventory and Appraisement of Thomas Neale

Loudoun County, Virginia, Will Book D, 1788-1793

pp. 95-97

In obedience to an order of the worshipful Court of Loudoun County to us directed, we the subscribers being first sworn before Charles Eskridge, Gentleman, have valued and appraised the personal estate and slaves of Thomas Neale, deceased, in current money as followeth . . . 1/2 dozen mahogany chairs, 1 bookcase, 1 clock, 1 round table, 1 walnut table, 8 pictures, 2 looking glasses, various utensils, 13 silver teaspoons, 7 silver tablespoons, 2 silver butterboats, 2 silver salts, 1 silver waiter, a parcel of tea ware, chest of drawers and feather bed, 5 sheep, 1 Negro wench old Clipsey, 1 Negro woman Judy and child, boy Bob, 1 Negro girl Nan, 1 Negro girl Hannah, 1 Negro girl Charlotte, 1 boy George, 1 Negro wench Nell, 1 Negro fellow Gupton, 1 Negro fellow Moses, 1 Negro fellow John, 1 Negro fellow Tom, boy Charles, several mares, a bay horse, a yoke of oxen, a bobtail cow, a white-faced cow, several other cows, hogs, pigs, implements, for a total of L804.17.1, made by appraisers John Berkeley, Adam Mitchell and Jeremiah Cockerill.

At a Court held for Loudoun County, October the 12th, 1789.  This inventory and appraisement of Thomas Neale, deceased, was returned to court and ordered to be recorded.

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