William F. Linton and Catherine Welsh

William Franklin Linton and Catherine Welsh were married in Rockcastle County, Kentucky, January 27, 1879.

William, the son of Moses Filmore Linton and Margaret Willett, of Nelson County, Kentucky, was born July 5, 1851.   Moses was a farmer, whose land shared a boundary with Gethsemani Abbey.

Catherine, the daughter of John Welsh and Sarah Hollard – both born in Galway, Ireland – was born July 13, 1862, in Tennessee.  By 1870 Catherine’s family was living in Rockcastle County, where her father was a grocer.

William and Catherine raised a family of 7 children:  Sally Regina, Margaret Mary, Walter Michael, Annie Elizabeth, James Willett, Richard J.  and William George Linton.  They lived in Louisville, Kentucky, for the majority of their life together, where William was a grocer.  According to the census record Catherine was a saleslady, working with her husband.

William died March 24, 1922; Catherine, September 27, 1931.  They are buried in Calvary Cemetery in Louisville.  Due to an error by either the funeral home or the engraver, “Catharine” was engraved on the tombstone instead of the “Catherine” that, per family records and census reports, is the correct spelling.

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